Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 9)

At last, a Sunday in which I can join all the wonderful peeps over at Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday! The past several weeks have been filled with a sort of despair regarding post partum outfits, particularly with regards to Church-wear. Thanks to my incredible, amazing, self-sacrificing husband I was able to run out yesterday and buy a few items that managed to be both nursing friendly and appropriate for mass! Kiddo had a rough go of things before we left for mass but by the time we packed him into the carseat he was fast asleep and remained so until we returned - it was glorious!

Without any further ado.....

Multi-Use Pants : Good for mass or parachuting!

The Mighty Adventurer


Pants : Gap (I'm between sizes so I had to go with the larger one and since I am incapable of sewing or mending and such things I have to accept the fact that I am awash in a flood of fabric. It's a shame that it doesn't have a slimming effects but rather results in the opposite. Stupid disproportionate body)

Shirt : Target

Sweater : Target

Shoes : Target 

Earrings : Target (just kidding - they're from Amazon. yes, I realize now that this was not funny)

~ Happy Divine Mercy Sunday ~


  1. you look very pretty.
    the between sizes phase is so hard, but you have a sweet newborn to show for it!

  2. You look awesome! I love that shirt!

    Your baby is adorable too!

  3. I definitely have a couple of pairs of pants that I bought post-partum that are that awkward between sizes too-big... And I still wear them and probably look strange, but they're CLOTHES that aren't yoga pants, so I'm just kind of resigned to the unflatteringness! Wrap dresses are my best friends for mass in the early post-partum days.

    But you still look awesome! Now, I haven't seen non-pregnant pictures of you, but there is somehow no belly left! Way to go!

  4. You look great! When I saw the pic I thought "She doesn't even look like she was just pregnant!" Seriously! I am still trying to work on toning my abs....I tried to about a month ago and holy moly OUCH! I totally understand sizing being difficult...and with nursing it's tricky sometimes to find something that works but is not way to low, etc. Let me know if you find anything particularly awesome =).

  5. You look amazing! He's a cute little thing-- belated congratulations!