Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Five Favorites (Vol 10)

Special thanks to Jenny for hosting this week's link up!

- 1 -
Leo's Professional Portraits

The Teething / Goofy Face

The Guilty Smile

The two photos above are a result of us finally getting around to Leo's "6 Month" photos. Of course by the time we did them he was a few days shy of being 8 months old, but hey you do the best you can, right? While the session was an adorable success I made a semi-catastrophic error and long story short, we ended up with a CD and rights to all of the images instead of a handful of prints... MAJOR OOPS! On the bright side, we now have a bunch of super cute photos of Leo that I have had a blast tinkering with on Photoshop Elements. The photos I posted are not the best ones from the shoot but I love them for how they capture his little personality. 

- 2 -
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Yes, I'm stuck with the 10th edition

While Photoshop Elements is not as great as plain old Adobe Photoshop, I still love using it for editing photos. I very much hope that one day I will learn to be a good photographer and/or become much more skilled at using Photoshop. Obviously the best photographers do not depend upon Photoshop for great photos but I would settle for just being good :) 

- 3 -
The Blacklist

I really enjoy watching TV. I'll admit that I don't have the best taste but every now and then I stumble across a show that I think is truly great. NBC's "The Blacklist" is definitely that! James Spader is so much fun to watch and the female lead has surprised me with striking a good balance between being tough but vulnerable. It's the first show I have watched in awhile that keeps my complete attention and makes me want to punch the screen when the credits start rolling and I realize I have to wait an entire week for the next episode. Will you love it? I don't know but for my husband and me it is definitely a favorite!

- 4 -
Here with Me - Susie Suh & Robot Koch

Speaking of The Blacklist, this song was featured in one of the episodes and I really enjoyed it. I am sure that part of that is simply context but still. I used to obsess over music for hours every day, looking for new artists and songs. I don't have time for that now so TV shows/movies/commercials (yes, I actually do that) are my main source of new material. Feel free to add your suggestions in the com boxes because seriously I need new music! I once managed to pull three all-nighters in a row and it was thanks to music, not coffee (seriously after the 30th cup you just shake more, you don't get more awake)

- 5 -

This website has been an absolute godsend for me!!! I use the free version and that allows me to upload recipes, make meal plans for the week (or more), create a shopping list, etc. Perhaps it is simply due to major laziness but the fact that it compiles your grocery list for you is a huge perk for me. Not only that, but it even breaks down the grocery list by areas of the store (e.g. Dairy, Frozen, etc.). It has saved me countless hour and headaches and I just love love LOVE it!

~ Happy Wednesday ~

Monday, October 28, 2013

Back to Blogging

Well I'm blogging again. I've been putting it off for awhile now but today I figured what the heck, why not? Why the absence? In a word, Life. I am not entirely sure how you other moms do it but amidst the chaos of baby, cleaning, cooking, exercise, grocery shopping, etc. when I do happen to get a free moment I just want to collapse on the couch and watch something mindless or read something good (or vice versa, as the case may be). At least that is how it has been over the past several weeks.

Leo had a cold for a few weeks and then somewhere in the midst of that he started cutting four new teeth. Yeah, you read that right - FOUR NEW TEETH ALL AT ONCE! So life around here has been looking a lot like this --

Leo and me
The main difference between Mama K over there and me is that I wear glasses. Our insurance finally kicked in, however, so I am hoping and praying that I will be able to get myself to an optometrist in the near future and finally get the OK to start wearing contact lenses again! Which reminds me, if you wear disposable contact lenses make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter. Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that you are a little bit of a cheap person and plan on wearing those 2 week disposables for, oh I dunno, 6 months.... Don't. Do. It! Turns out there is a reason you need to ditch 'em. Who knew. 

So yeah, despite my lack of writing Leo has continued to grow and develop. In addition to cutting four new teeth (still in process) he is getting close to crawling. Between not having a good soft surface for him to move around on (so much for all those beautiful hardwood floors) and general clingy-ness he hasn't been too interested to get down and move about on his own. Or perhaps I should say it's just been a much slower process than it could have been. At any rate he has been trying out the tripod position for a few weeks and scooting himself about pretty well but it seems that that is no longer as satisfying as it was in the beginning. So now he gets in the tripod position and tries to move forward. It hasn't worked out yet but I imagine it won't be long now. 

Kiddo also has developed an adorable/quirky new habit of fake-laughing in order to get others to laugh (or just get their attention). It's somewhere between a fake laugh and a fake cough and it absolutely cracks me up. He also tries to sing along with us (provided there is no camera trying to capture it, of course). He thinks that sputtering noises are hilarious and if you pretend to be disgusted by his food (or just in general) that gets him giggling pretty hard too.

There is plenty more I could write but then I wouldn't have anything left to share when I do the link up on Wednesday :) 

~ Happy Monday ~

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Five Favorites (Vol. 9)

1. Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child
by Anthony Esolen

I really cannot say enough good things about this book. My husband received it as a baby gift (dad gift?) and while he read it promptly it took me over a year to pick it up. A person like me needs to read a book like this because it is all too easy to allow fear and anxiety to dictate how I plan to raise Leo and lose sight of the wonder of childhood and the need for kids to be kids, to let the wild in a little. This book had a bigger impact on me, though. It has been like a little wake up call - go look at the stars, start reading good books again, stop wasting so much time on TV and the internet (I know, I know - how ironic), etc. Anyways, I could go on forever but I think I have gone and gushed enough on this particular subject....

2. The Montessori Method 

I have only just begun to explore the Montessori Method but for the most part I really love what I have found. I love the simplicity of it and how nurturing it feels. Obviously it doesn't work for everyone and I am not even sure if it will work for us, but there are some things that I have implemented already and enjoyed immensely. Who knew that Leo could be delighted and content for 30+ minutes doing nothing but playing with water or that a little container with rice in it could be a source of so much fun! It slows me down, too, and forces me to stop acting like an assembly line for his toys and just watch him and follow his lead. Am I going to ditch the toys he has and go on a shopping spree? No. Am I going to start acting like I just discovered "real parenting" and that anyone who does things differently is still in the dark? No. Am I going to read up on the philosophy and methodology? Honestly, not so much. I plan on doing just enough research to implement ideas, crafts, etc. that appeal to me. Eclectic parenting is what works for us.

3. Leo Sitting on His Own
big smiles for mama

crazy, sweet little man

I am getting way less sleep these days due to, well, I have no idea actually. Leo just isn't sleeping through the night (understatement of the year). Even so I am loving this stage! He is beginning to babble in new ways ("mamamama" | "bababa" | "dadada") and while that is super awesome, my favorite new development is definitely his ability to sit up by himself! And he loves it too, though he prefers me to sit right next to him. 

4. Dishwashers That Work
It finally happened, guys. Our dishwasher WORKS!!!! It gets hot water and drains and everything! Who is the happiest homemaker ever? Me!

5. Roku
I can only imagine the expression you are giving the computer right now. But Hannah, you say, didn't you just say that you want to use less technology?! OK, yes, I did. Buuuuuuuuut that doesn't mean I am going to go all Little House on the Prairie and stop watching TV or surfing the web! It's all about moderation, right? OK, yes, so I struggle with moderation. What can I say - I'm a work in progress! Anyways, this little device is pretty cool. Since we can't pick up any local channels on our TV anyway and all we really use is Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Instant Video, the Roku works really well for us. For Ben's sake I wish it had more by way of Sports (translation : anything by way of Sports) but it's still nifty not having to haul out the 'ol laptop and speakers, perched precariously on a TV Dinner tray (no way did we do that. nope. never!)

Alright, folks - thanks for checking out my blog and sorry I have been so AWOL lately. I hope you are all doing well and having a great week!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

WIWS (Vol. I Lost Track)

Yesterday marked the first successful French Braid of my life. I can hear your applause from here - thank you, thank you. Did I take any pictures? No, of course not. Was I able to replicate it for mass today when it would have been more fitting? No way! Ah well, there's always next time...

We were treated by a yet another wonderful homily today (Ben says one of the top four he's ever heard) and Leo fell asleep almost immediately so despite the grim weather it's been a great day! Here's hoping you are enjoying your Sunday too :)

You can almost taste the mischief

Weirdest leg pose ever

Jacket : Charlotte Russe
Shirt : TJ Maxx 
Khakis : Thrift 
Shoes : Zappos (?) 

I need to figure out what to do with those khakis because the color is my favorite but the fit through the legs is too loose and has a frumpy effect. If I had mad skills like my sister-in-law I would just take them in or hem them or do something smart. As it is, I can barely thread a needle (much less use one). Ideas?

~ Happy Sunday ~

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Five Favorites (Vol. 8)

- 1 -
My Elliptical

A few weeks ago I bemoaned the fact that I couldn't quite justify a membership to Gold's Gym. On a whim I decided to post on a local give/get recycle networks that I was looking for an elliptical. I did not expect any response but a few days later I received an e-mail from an individual who was looking to get rid of her machine and only wanted $65 (this included delivery!). I was skeptical and expected it to be falling apart and basically just a piece of junk, but we decided to go for it and when it got here we were delighted to find that it was in excellent condition and working great! I really can't express how amazing it is to be able to go down in my own basement and have a solid workout that doesn't destroy my knees. Best $65 spent ever! 

- 2 -
Cold Shower After Workout

I realize that this may strike some of you as a bizarre "favorite", but truly there are few things I love as much as a cold shower after a solid workout. It's like the adult version of jumping into a pool at the peak of summer (though admittedly not as awesome). 

- 3 -
 Family Visits
Nana and Leo (AKA The Wiggleworm)

Kisses for Nana
Visits from family are the best, aren't they? My mom came down for a few days just last weekend and while no visit is truly long enough, it was awesome to grab some time together! Leo definitely enjoyed the extra attention and getting to love on his Nana :)

- 4 -
Leo Giggles

I'm sure this goes without saying after watching that video, but I would do just about anything to hear that little boy's laughter. That being said, I cannot believe I posted that and allowed you to hear my unbelievably annoying voice semi-yelling recipes. Motherhood.......

- 5 -
Fresh Peaches
So I just got back from an awesome afternoon visiting and thrift store shopping (!!!) with a good friend of mine in Leesburg and what does my husband have waiting for me? FRESH PEACHES! I am not talking about grocery store peaches, folks. I mean those melt-in-your-mouth peaches that must've grown on trees in Heaven and fell to Virginia! Time to go eat some more!

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~ Happy Wednesday ~

Sunday, August 11, 2013

WIWS : Teething Edition

Well the weekend is finally coming to a close and that means What I Wore Sunday! Make sure you head over and check out the fabulous Kendra and Emily!

The past several days have been interesting to say the least. There have been some major highlights (e.g. visit from my mom!) and some major... lowlights? I am referring to Leo and his teething crisis. Little man has been in a lot of pain lately and it's affected his sleep/nap schedule and life in general. Normally we go to the 10:30 AM mass on Sundays because it tends to fit the best with his wake up time and naps. But Leo has been waking up earlier this week so that meant that naptime came early and we weren't about to mess that up by getting him dressed up and into the carseat. I was fairly disappointed because the priest who says mass at 10:30 AM is an awesome preacher and I'll be honest, going to a later mass just throws off my Sunday groove. That and oh yeah, the 12:30 PM mass is Latin Low Mass, which I can't follow because I nospeakadalatin! My consolation was that Leo would get a good nap in and be in a great mood for mass. WRONG!!! Apparently the Tylenol just didn't help enough because my sweet little boy woke up sad/angry, impossible to please, and clingy! But Leo is indeed a sweet little boy and while he wasn't angelic during mass he did not scream and his fussing was totally manageable, albeit out-of-pew-worthy.

My poor 'lil teether

Details --
Skirt : Macy's
Shoes : Target (seriously, I need a new pair)
Shirt : Forever21
Scarf : Forever21

~ Happy Sunday ~

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Barefoot in the Kitchen (Vol. 2)

Welcome to the second post of Barefoot in the Kitchen!

Quick Reminder : If you feel like joining in then please go ahead and click the bottom at the bottom of the post, add your link, and don't forget to post a link back here in your post! If you don't have anything ready today then no worries - you have all the way until the following Monday to take part! There are no recipe restrictions so whether you made the most amazing dessert anyone ever tasted or one of the worst flops of a side dish that has come into existence I would love to hear about it! 

This past week I decided to bake one of my all-time favorite foods - Beer Bread! If you have never had beer bread before then I am sorry because you and your taste buds have been missing out majorly! Bread is already one of my favorite consumables and honestly I would bake it fresh every day if it did not take so much time and effort. But therein lies the absolute beauty of this particular baked good - it takes very little effort and almost no time but manages to taste delicious anyway. Not too shabby, eh? 

Now there are a lot of great recipes for beer bread out there and I am not going to sit here and tell you that this is the best one. This particular recipe uses brown sugar where others use honey as well as a combination of whole wheat and all-purpose flour. I opted for a recipe with brown sugar because I think it is typically easier to measure and handle than honey and I prefer the texture and sense of substance this beer bread has due to the combination of flours. Anyways, on to the recipe! 

Basic Beer Bread

Prep Time : 10 minutes

Cook Time : 50 minutes

Servings : 1 Loaf (i.e. about 2 servings for my husband and me)

Ingredients :
  • 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 ½ cups whole wheat flour
  • 4 ½ teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 ½ teaspoons salt
  • 1/3 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 (12 fl. oz) can or bottle of beer
  • 4 - 6 tablespoons butter

Remember that the flavor of the beer can affect the flavor of the bread

Step 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease a 9x5 loaf pan. For ease of removal I place a small slip of parchment/wax paper in the bottom of the pan.

Step 2. In a large mixing bowl, combine all dry ingredients.

Step 3. Pour in beer and stir until a stiff batter is formed. Make sure to mix well so that your brown sugar does not clump up and the baking powder is thoroughly mixed in. Scrape into prepared loaf pan.


Step 4. For a delicious buttery crust melt butter in microwave and pour over batter. Move the pan around a little for equal dispersion; you can also use a fork to poke holes in the dough if you want more than just a buttery crust.

You know what this could use? MORE CALORIES!!!

Step 5. Bake in preheated oven for 50 - 60 minutes (you want to be able to insert a toothpick into the center of the loaf and come out clean)

Not bad, eh?

Verdict : SUCCESS!!!

~ Happy Monday ~

Barefoot in the Kitchen (Vol. 6)

It's been awhile since I posted a new recipe and it's hard to know where to begin because I have tried out a fair few new ones! Most of them have been pretty good and only one or two have landed in the "Not to be Repeated" category. The recipe I'm going to share today is great for lunch or dinner, depending on what you want to do with sides and/or dessert.

Chicken Pesto Sandwiches

Prep Time : 10 - 15 minutes

Cook Time : Chicken --> 30 - 40 minutes
                         Sandwiches --> 5 - 10 minutes

Servings : 6

Ingredients :
  • 2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts* (Shredded**)
  • 8 oz prepared Pesto (I used a full jar from the store)
  • 8 oz thinly sliced Mozzarella cheese (tip: egg slicers are great for this)
  • 12 slices of your choice of Bread 
  • 12 oz jar Roasted Sweet Red Peppers (did not try this but it sounds amazing!)

*Boneless skinless chicken thighs work as well. Some versions of this recipe
 **I chose to shred the chicken because I felt that it was able to soak up the pesto much better that way. Other recipes call for flattening and grilling the chicken so it comes down to your preference.

Step 1. Bake chicken at 350 for approximately 30 - 40 minutes or until juices run clear

Step 2. Shred chicken and then add pesto

Step 3. Place mozzarella cheese, chicken pesto, and red peppers (optional) on buttered bread and cook as you would a grilled cheese sandwich.

Verdict : SUCCESS! I have made the simplest version of this recipe several times now and really loved it, but at some point I like the idea of adding some more flavor in there. Other recipes I have seen have used lettuce, tomato, and other toppings. I'm sure you could use a different cheese if you wanted. I really want to make this on a Friday at some point and substitute tuna for chicken!

I'm always looking for new recipes so please feel free to share yours! 

~ Happy Friday ~ 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Five Favorites : Food Edition

- 1 -

Maybe it's angry, but my taste buds are thrilled!

I am a BIG fan of hard cider! I had some a few years ago in a delightful Pittsburgh pub and liked it then but never really saw it for sale in stores until recently (admittedly I was not looking hard). Ben bought some the other day and it was just delicious! Which brings me to my next favorite....

- 2 -

Hours of fun

When Ben and I were drinking our hard cider we felt like something was missing. Yeah, it was a yummy beverage but it needed a savory snack to go along with it. Chips wouldn't do and maybe pretzels but that wasn't a sure thing either. Then it all became clear - we needed Triscuits and Sharp (seriously sharp) White Cheddar cheese! So the next day I popped over to the grocery store and bought both. They were gone almost immediately. Why? If you need to ask then you obviously haven't tried it....

- 3 -

My name is Hannah and I'm a Pita-Chip-Aholic. It has been far, far too long since my last bag. Every now and then I can't help myself and buy a bag. How long does the bag last me? About one sitting - two if I'm very controlled. I'm not kidding and I am not referring to the "snack size" either. It's a problem. A delicious, scrumptious problem....

- 4 -

I am not a big hummus fan. If I grab some it's usually just so I have an excuse to eat pita chips (see above). There is one type of hummus that I like a lot, however - Red Pepper Hummus. It is amazing and needs to be in my fridge right now. 

- 5 - 

I don't know if you were aware of this but liquid is devoid of calories. Or rather, I have operated under this theory for many years without realizing it until recently. I could be on the most stringent diet ever but still not bat an eye over a medium (or grande if you insist on being a pretentious tool) White Chocolate Mocha. I don't care if it's Starbucks or The Daily Grind - gimme summa dat! It is the only hot beverage that I have ordered at coffee shops since I was 14 years old. You can keep your lattes and fancy espressos - I will have the obscenely sugary "coffee" that could probably provide caloric support to half of Russia. 

~ Happy Wednesday ~

Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quicks

--- 1 ---

I found this image of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus today on Facebook and I have to say it is now one of my all-time favorite depictions of them! Maybe it's because I hold Leo like that all of the time but the pose seems so natural and beautiful. In a perfect world Mary would look a whole lot less Caucasian but I'll take it!

--- 2 ---


We have mice. I don't know if I mentioned this in a previous blog or not but in the event that I didn't, now you know! I am actually quite proud of how well I have handled the situation. Then again, I have only had to see evidence of mice and dangling tails in mice traps (you totally wanted to know that). Aaaaanyways, our next door neighbors have a few cats to help them with their mice problem and said that that could be a good solution for us too. Seeing as how we live next to a GIANT cornfield that will be harvested sooner or later and leave a sizable population of mice homeless, Ben and I decided to take our neighbors' advice. We found free kittens on Craigslist (so sketchy yet so helpful) and picked ours up the other night. Her name is Nimue (a la King Arthur etc) but we just call her Nim for short. She is crazy and ridiculous and was skittish beyond belief the first night we brought her home but she's warmed to the three of us now and is a lot of fun. The interaction between Leo and her is comical.

--- 3 ---
Some people have to worry about bunnies and deer eating their plants - we have to worry about bears (forget the plants!). I was aware that bears lived in this part of the country and that they could be an issue on trails, buuuuuut the other day Ben tells me that some friends of ours (who live in town) had a bear go through their front yard. Still, since I hadn't seen any around here I was feeling pretty good. Then I talked with our neighbors. Apparently we do get bears. Like, a few mornings ago in our neighbors' front lawn. So yeah. Country life, man! 

--- 4 ---

We had a guy from Home Depot out today. Why? Because somehow during the whole home-buying process we missed the fact that the office did not have a door! And a few of our other doors don't quite close (oops) so there's that too. Special.

--- 5 ---

 I don't own a treadmill. The photo above just helps to capture what the fitness and exercise situation has been (for me) since the move. The thing that bugs me the most is the return on investment. If I'm going to devote six weeks to getting in shape then it better take AT LEAST six weeks before I'm back to square one! Reality, take note! 

--- 6 ---

Leo fake crying until we take him outside

 --- 7 ---

Leo in the exersaucer. Love that smile! :)

~ Happy Friday ~

Sunday, July 28, 2013

WIWS / 7 of 7

Not only am I linking up with the fine folk over at Fine Linen and Purple today for the first time since May (!) but I am also completing Jen's 7 Posts in 7 Days challenge! I may not have been interesting or thought-provoking but by golly I did it!

The homily at mass today was both enjoyable and challenging and I am grateful to Leo for nursing quietly and docile-y enough for me to be able to catch it. I have a renewed desire to embrace joy and gratitude in my daily life and with God's grace (and enough personal perseverance) I may just get better! Apparently God heard me on this and decided to send a test my way because as I was typing a house centipede skittered over my keyboard. Oh, country life...... ;)

Anyways. Our little family got invited to lunch by Ben's predecessor and his wife and even though Leo was going stir crazy and in need of a nap, it was lovely! Yay for friendly people and beginning to find our (social) feet in Virginia!

Sweater : Pac Sun (ages old!)
Dress : H&M
Shoes : Zappos
Earrings : Etsy 

Quick Question : Does anyone know where I can find tutorials for easy hairstyles or just the basics of styling hair (e.g. everyday updo)? I can't even handle a messy bun and I don't know my way around a bobby pin so any suggestions or help would be grrrreat! 

~ Happy Sunday ~

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 6

We picked up a dehumidifier for our basement at Home Depot today. There isn't one in town so we had to drive up to Winchester to get there but I love Home Depot so it was worth it. Am I the only person that just enjoys wandering around and dreaming at places like that? And I'm not sure if it's because I finally have a lot of dark wood in one place, but I have found that my preference in color has lightened considerably. For one thing it seems to show dirt less and for someone who isn't crazy about cleaning, that is BIG!

Speaking of cleaning, I went ahead and printed out this pin off of Pinterest in an effort to get on track with cleaning. It's been super helpful so far and honestly I think that I can keep up with it. If you're like me and don't know where to start or what to do, you may want to check it out too!

It just occurred to me that basically every post I write is super random. Some people can stick with a particular topic and just go with it - no problem. If you're one of those individuals, how do you do it?

Last thing : I got super excited because about 10 - 12 minutes from our house there is a Gold's Gym. Why is that exciting? Because they have childcare!!! I was super amped and started dreaming about how awesome it was going to be to have a place I could go to use actual, good exercise equipment and get into shape. That was until I looked into the price of membership. B-U-M-M-E-R! There's a phrase that says the best things in life are free. Gold Gym needs to get the memo! Okay, enough complaining. Off to YouTube to find some motivation and/or low impact workouts!

~ Happy Saturday ~

Friday, July 26, 2013

7 QTs / Day 5

--- 1 ---
This website should not exist. Why? Because when people like me get extra time on their hands they do stupid, obscene things like doctor up precious photos of their children.

Occasionally a group of moms get together in Front Royal for discount Margaritas and appetizers at a restaurant. In an effort to make new friends and "get out there" I went. Of course when I discovered that margaritas aren't 99% fruit I decided on a decaf coffee and strawberry cheesecake shooter (yes. always. yes!). Leo decided that it was a good night to go to bed too early and then wake up and keep Ben company.... oops...?

Here is our kitchen :

Kitchen / Dining Combo

I like to call this "Pharaoh Ant Paradise"

My FAVORITE new toy!
We are currently using a card table for meals. It definitely works but it is no mystery why people usually prefer to eat off of solid wood.

The living room :

Yes, that is a diaper pail in our entryway
The living room defies my cleaning and organizational efforts, I'm afraid. Until we get some proper shelving and storage in Leo's room the toys we use have a home on the living room floor. Sorry that I did not tidy up more for your viewing pleasure.

I'm going to have start posting recipes again soon because I've continued trying new things and have had some really fun successes! I must confess that I miss having a gas stove terribly. It took me almost 10 minutes to get a sauce to simmer the other day. What is that?!

I mentioned the other day that I'm in need of infant activities. I still am so please feel free to share your wisdom in the comments section, but I did discover the fun of water play with Leo. Just filling up the sink a bit and letting him kick his chubby feet in the water or "standing" in it is enough to keep him delighted for about 15 minutes. That may not sound like a lot to you but 15 minutes of a happy Leo to me is 15 minutes of BLISS!

I am a superstitious person. Well, not entirely. Just one thing : Journaling. I stopped keeping a journal a few years ago because every time I wrote about something it seemed to go wrong (especially relationships but other things too). So when I started dating Ben I couldn't bring myself to put pen to paper. I knew it was absurd then and I know it is absurd now but there it is. I have been given journals - beautiful journals! And I have been sorely tempted to write in them, especially the one I was given for Leo's pregnancy. But I just couldn't. There was this inane feeling floating about inside that What if I start writing and something happens with the pregnancy?. And now that he is safely born and thriving I still won't do it. Maybe one day, if I grow up and/or stop being ridiculous, I will grab a pen and begin again. Until then, at least I have my blog!

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~  Happy Friday ~