Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Filler Post

This is unapologetically a filler post. It is unapologetic because today has been unusually productive and this has limited my ability to write/blog. I actually printed out a cleaning schedule and put it up on the fridge. What's more? I followed it! I swept the floors and mopped the kitchen! I look forward to the day when I get my birthday mop*** and am able to use it on our wood floors. Until then I will simply sweep, because there is too much wood for me to do it on my hands and knees.

So yes, I did the floors and got laundry done and made dinner and Leo barely napped today! It's still a far cry from where I want to be as a wife and mom, but it's a start and I need more days where I can say that.

I have officially bored myself. Since you have been such a good sport and not immediately exited this page I am throwing a few pictures your way.... because getting a glimpse of my life is totally a reward!....... Yeah......

Post hike

It's exhausting being carried everywhere

Sunset at the overlook

If only pictures could do it justice

Seriously, I need a better camera

We get to go home?!

This is MY bear

And I will eat him if I want

*** "Betty Friedan is turning over in her grave..."
       -    My husband reacting to how excited I am to be getting a really good mop for my birthday


  1. Productivity must be celebrated whenever it happens!

    P.S.That little guy is super cute.

  2. Let's hope that Betty Friedan keeps rolling over in her grave! And what a gorgeous part of the country you've landed in - God has truly blessed you all.