Friday, May 12, 2017

7 Quick Takes


- 1 -

Grandma and Grandpa bought the kids Hungry Hungry Hippos over the weekend. In true Tessa form she eschewed the marbles for people and placed their heads delicately in the hippoes mouths. A bit macabre but props for realism...

Hungry Hippos Took a Dark Turn

- 2 -

Over the past few weeks I've forced myself to indulge in cuddle time with all three kids. It's always easiest with the baby as he loves to fall asleep with my chin tucked against his head and seriously, it's easy to allow myself to soak up those minute. Cuddle time with the older kids involves a little more refereeing and patience and frankly it's more of a sacrifice. BUT it's a very gratifying sacrifice that means a lot to them. It reminds me that they're still young and even if they are able to walk and talk they need love and attention too. And I need to give of myself - those few minutes of no phone or Internet, just content to be with each other and enjoy the time together. Which reminds me, John turned 4 months old this week and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone!

My sweet baby

<3 <3 <3

- 3 -

I had my first night out with friends since well before the baby was born and it was amazing! My selfless husband watched John for almost two whole hours so I could eat French fries, try my first Mojito (!), and enjoy the company of two incredible friends. How good it is to laugh!

- 4 -

Our local Walmart just began online grocery shopping and local pickup and I am happier than a fat kid with a tub of ice cream! To be able to avoid the insanity of shopping with three kids four and under is worth it's weight in gold. No dirty looks, no temper tantrums, no space cadets colliding with unsuspecting shoppers, no more impulse purchases - just drive, load, return! Produce elsewhere but that's how things went before anyway. Thank you Walmart!

- 5 -

I've slowly been reintroducing dairy into my diet and the baby has not been having any noticeable reactions. Part of this could just be the fact that milk supply has dropped so much and supplementing I so high but I remain optimistic! And now the issue is how to reintroduce without going on an insane binge because oh dairy, how I missed you and all your glory!!!!

- 6 - 

House hunting is the pits. At least here in Virginia. And I know we don't have it nearly as bad as others do but I'm complaining here so for the moment let's just assume I do have it the worst. Of anyone. Anywhere. Ever. Because when something sucks sometimes perspective helps and sometimes you want to punch perspective in the throat. Seriously why does everything have to be so expensive?! And who is building these family un-friendly homes?! How hard is it to just build a house that allows for interaction and hosting but still has separate spaces so you're not on top of each other? Why is everything so flimsy? Where is the sense of permanence? We would build but guess what else is expensive - LAND! And that's if you can even find good usable build-able land that's for sale. Around here hundreds of acres are owned by a few individuals who either keep it or sell at extravagant prices. At the end of the day I know God will provide. He always does! I'm just so ready for Him to provide now 😜

- 7 -
Speaking of God, how is your relationship with Him? Before John arrived I tried very hard to get at least 15 minutes of prayer and reading the Bible in every day. Since John's birth I don't usually pray unless it's out of desperation. Most nights I sneak into bed and realize Oh brother I did it again! I went a whole day without talking to God or listening and just asked for stuff when it occurred to me. Short of getting up before kids (No. Just NO!) what do you do to foster your relationship with God and grow in virtue on a daily basis?

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  1. We need to come over to play hungry hungry hippos - the kids want it but ain't no way I'm dealing with all those tiny balls all over our unlevel floor!!!