Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I Wore Sunday (vol. 3)

What's that you say? Two posts in one day and both about my fashion sense? HOO BOY! Today's pictures are, as ever, brought to you by my amazing husband. My eyes are closed because the beautiful sunlight reflected off of the snow no matter where I stood and eventually I gave up and stopped trying for a different shot. That or maybe I'm reflecting on the beauty of the Feast of the Holy Family. You may never know....

Now, on to business! 

33 Weeks Pregnant Today
(Aren't cardigans the best?!)
Epic Shoe Shot
The Necklace

I was able to use my actual camera today (i.e. no iPhone nonsense). In the process I remembered how all of the special features are absolutely over my head and no matter how many emoticons they show me, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT MEANS! I mean, what sort of photo setting is Smiling Face with Exclamation Point?! Or Two Balloons? Must find the stupid booklet.....

1. Earrings (not pictured) : Etsy
2. Necklace : Amazon
3. Shirt : Shade Maternity
4. Cardigan : Target
5. Jeans : Target (maternity)
6. Shoes : TJ Maxx(absurdly comfy)

I hope you are all getting geared up for a fun New Year's Eve. Ben and I have an epic plan involving TV, caffeine free soda, and maybe even Popcorn!!! Now please do yourselves a favor and pop on over to check out all the wonderful folks at Fine Linen & Purple!

~ Happy Feast of the Holy Family ~
~ Happy New Year ~

What I Wore on Christmas

At long last we are returned to our home and I have access to WiFi and my desktop! Visiting family is absolutely awesome and I am so glad that we had the opportunity to sneak in so much time with both of our families over the past several days, but there is something magnificent about being HOME! And no, I am not just saying because I can sink back into my antisocial ways so stop judging. Anyways, on to the real point of this post (yes, there is a point).

There is no escape from the awkward arms!

Vanity shot, originally intended to show off earrings. Fail.
My incredible husband who ought to make photographic appearances way more in my blog posts!

I am not sure whether or not the photos capture this or not, but this outfit made me one very uncomfortable individual! I have had an absolute hatred of tights for the entirety of my life. My outfits are strategically chosen so that tights are completely optional, which in my case means they remain tucked away in my drawer. Unfortunately I could not escape them this Christmas Eve and for three hours they tortured me - mind, body, and soul. At some point I hope to have a ritual burning of them. Anyways!

Dress : Target (NOT maternity! Sitting and kneeling was a little epic)
Tights (aka Stretchy Implement of Torture) : Macy's
Shoes : Target
Scarf : eBay
Earrings (not adequately pictured) : Etsy

I hope you all had a Merry and Blessed Christmas and that your outfits were far more attractive and comfy! Now, go please go check in with the amazing Grace and company !

Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Due to traveling and lack of access to my laptop blogging has been a little bit more difficult over the past several days. This is why I will most-likely not be able to post my "What I Wore Christmas" exclusive until Sunday (my sincere apologies - I know how you all have been waiting and reloading my page over and over in the hopes that it would appear). This is also why my "7 Quick Takes" for today will, for once, be mercifully brief!

1. Merry Christmas! I hope yours was filled with joy and blessings and devoid of sickness. We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family on Christmas Eve evening (the earlier portion of the day was devoted to celebrating my mom's birthday which happens to fall on the 24th of December every year without fail - poor planning, that). We woke up at 5:45 AM on Christmas morning and were on the road by 6:30 AM so that we could celebrate Christmas day with Ben's side of the family. We were spared from both bad weather and traffic and arrived in good time, albeit somewhat delirious.

2. While this is our first year experiencing Christmas as a married couple, it is our second year splitting the holiday between our respective families. We are very blessed to have families who are so understanding and flexible regarding our availability and schedule.

3. Due to the fact that we would be away from home and traveling throughout Christmas, Ben and I celebrated our own little Christmas on St. Nicholas Day - an idea that we stole borrowed from my awesome brother and sister-in-law. We exchanged gifts and had a lovely dinner with Michael, Ana, and the girls. It is a wonderful tradition that I imagine we will continue until we are forced/privileged to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day.

4. The generosity of our families is always something that amazes me and this year was no exception. I am now the proud owner of my very own Ergobaby! Ben and I have already discussed how this will enable to do all sorts of fun things with our Little One. We aren't limiting ourselves to hiking and traipsing about, however - the Ergobaby provides us with an excellent opportunity to see how good our aim really is AND how bouncy babies truly are! Ok, no not really. Hang up the phone and stop trying to call CPS.

5. Because we are absolute Catholic nerds, two of the coolest gifts that we received were the Catholic Latin Classics CD and a really awesome book on the Saints (it is tucked away in our car and for the life of me I cannot remember the actual name of the book or find it on the internet). The CD was the only music we listened to on our drive to Ben's family and it was just perfect for Christmas morning!

6. When I have my doctor appointment next week I plan to ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to stand on the scale facing forward. If the nurse happens to tell me what number appears on the scale I will promptly deck her in the face, flee the office, and comfort myself with sugar cookies and ice cream. That is to say, the whole diet thing hasn't quite gone according to plan over our holiday break. I plan on spending the remainder of the pregnancy doing penance, sticking to healthy foods, and moving for more than 30 seconds at a time. Maybe.


Now please do yourself a major favor and head over to check out Jen and all of the other peeps who actually have posts worth reading!

~ Happy Friday ~

Sunday, December 23, 2012

What I Wore Sunday (Vol 2.)

My friends we have at last come to the end of the Advent season and eagerly await the coming of Jesus Christ this Tuesday, December 25th. This Christmas for Ben and me is a little bit of a juggling act - we were able to get to my family's house late Wednesday (Dec 19th) and will be staying until early Christmas morning, when we will leave to celebrate Christmas with Ben's family. Due to the mix of traveling, family time, and blogging laziness I skipped this past Friday's "7 Quick Takes", a fact that I am sure you noticed with great sadness. My deepest apologies. Anyways, I did manage to snag a few quick pictures after mass this afternoon (again, thanks to my beloved and ever-patient husband and his mad iPhone skills) and figured I could at least enter into the fun of WIWS.

32 Weeks Today!

Epic Shoe Shot

Unlike last time we managed to get decent lighting. The downside is that it was right in my face and I am fairly sure I need some sort of special surgery to see in color again.....

1. Earrings : Stolen from mom for mass
2. Scarf : Ebay
3. Shirt : Forever 21 (purchased several years ago and not maternity)
4. Jeans : Motherhood Maternity @ Macy's (who knew)
5. Flat Shoes : Target 

For actual more fun please head over and check out all the awesome peeps at Fine Linen and Purple !

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 1)

Truth be told I am having a hard time admitting to myself that I am posting this. Not because I think the concept is silly but rather because I usually avoid having pictures taken of me and this requires me to do so willingly. Ah well, yet another opportunity to swallow my pride and just share in the fun!

I apologize if the picture below is not super clear - my actual camera has zero battery so my incredible husband only had an iPhone to work with. Also, he wanted me to make sure that I mentioned him and the fact that he cooperated so fantastically.
1. Will keep hair out of face next time
2. Will try to have better lighting       
3. Will not pose arms so awkwardly  

I was forced to take the picture outside because the lights in our apartment have been on the fritz lately so there is little reliable lighting (iPhone flash is a disaster) and, lest we forget, it is so untidy inside that I am fairly sure that there is no workable background. Anyways!

Necklace : Freshwater Pearls from England (courtesy of my beloved husband)
Earrings (hidden by unruly hair) : Etsy
Shirt/Dress : Amazon
Maternity Pants : Target
Shoes : TJ Maxx

For those of you who are looking for combinations that are more (a) creative (b) thought out and (c) beautiful please visit my amazing sister-in-law Ana or the wonderful peeps over at Fine Linen and Purple!

~ Happy Sunday ~

Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes

In the event that you have ever stumbled upon my blog before then you know that the real women you want to be reading are Jen, my amazing sister-in-law, my other amazing sister-in-law, and Grace. If you are still here and reading, however, I really ought to provide some new material. Here goes....

1. Weather : Ben and I currently live in the magical region of Michiana, where forecasters and weather channels use the phrase "Lake Effect" practically year-round. I find it to be a cute euphemism for "Freaking Unpredictable Weather That Will Ruin Your Life." It usually results in lots of shifting snow, cold and strong winds, etc. Usually by this time of year it is in full swing and making our lives miserable. It seems, however, that we are getting an absolutely delightful reprieve this season. We have had barely any snow and today's temperature reached all the way up to 44°F ! I believe I deserve a little credit for this. Not many other individuals took the time to empty dozens of aerosol cans into the air and do their part to further Global Warming, but I sure did! You're welcome.

2. Fitness : Despite the more moderate temperatures and lack of massive snowfall, Ben and my nightly walks around the apartment complex do take place after the sun has gone down. The drop in temperature paired with the wind requires more extensive preparation and layering. I have overly sensitive ears. Perhaps I had a lot of ear infections as a kid or maybe I'm just a wuss (likely) but even in the Summer I have to wear a protective covering if there is even just a gentle breeze. Ridiculous. Anyways, below is a picture that depicts the measures I have had to take as of late in order to keep our nightly walks possible.

No, I can't see

3. Babies 'R Us : My incredible in-laws visited us this past Sunday and took us to Babies 'R Us. I had never been there before and was therefore completely unprepared for what was in store (literally) for me. I probably could have spent HOURS and God knows how much money there! Seriously, I never realized what a complete sap I am. Just so you know I had to consult my husband regarding the previous sentence to see whether or not I should say "I am" or "I was" regarding my sap status. He thought it over and said that since I am still rather a sap I should use the present tense. I'd be offended if it weren't so darn true....
4. Baby : Speaking of babies, I feel like I would be remiss if I did not have at least one take dedicated to mine. Luckily there is not too much to report. I am hopeful that this will not change until I am deemed full term and go into labor. He is as active as ever (I sometimes refer to him as a human pinball) and when a coworker of mine did my ultrasound (yes, another one!) the other day she could not believe that he was able to move as much as he did, given the general lack of room. You see, Kiddo does not just make one or two movements. No, he issues forth multiple waves of attack that seem to hit every imaginable point. It has happened on more than one occasion that while doing an intake with a client his kicks have bounced the clipboard off my lap. One thing that I find absurdly adorable is that during our nightly reading the baby moves far more when Ben is reading rather than when I do.

5. Nausea : there has been a rather noticeable increase in nausea lately. I am not sure whether or not it is due to Kiddo's movement, hormone levels, or the fact that I simply cannot eat small amounts at a time. I can out-eat almost anyone. While I never watched Sesame Street while growing up, I have always felt a strong kinship with this guy -->

Including Our Crazy Eyes & Facial Expressions

The only real difference between us is that I do not limit myself to cookies. My solution thus far has been to complain, curl up in the fetal position, and pop Tums like they're going out of style (which, incidentally, I think they did quite a while ago). Please feel free to provide theories or advice. I am referring, of course, to the resurgence in nausea and not my bizarre coping mechanisms.

6. Google Maps : Google Maps is a wonderful free service that helps provide individuals with interactive maps and easy-to-use directions. That is, unless I am the individual using it. I seem to have a real knack for misreading both maps and directions and this has proven to be a gigantic annoyance in the past week. This past weekend I needed to go to the AT&T store. I knew there was one at the Mall just a few minutes away but I also knew there were other stores nearby and they would not have the sort of holiday traffic that would be present at the Mall. I looked up another AT&T location and got directions from Google Maps. After driving around aimlessly for over 30 minutes I sank into an angry sort of despair and was forced to pull over and use my phone to get to my desired destination. This happened today with the post office. Much anger and frustration followed. If only updating Garmin maps were free......

7. Reading : Ben and I finished reading The Hobbit in under a week. Even though we have both read it several times before it was hard to put down and finishing it was as bittersweet as ever. We have moved on to one of his favorite childhood series, The Chronicles of Prydain. This is the first time I have encountered this series and do not share the sense of nostalgia that Ben has. Consequently I am more prone to *ahem* making fun of characters, exposition, etc. It has come to my attention that greater sensitivity may be needed, especially because my hope is that the next series we read is the one that I grew up reading - The Exitorn Adventures. I have had a good deal of trouble locating reasonably priced copies, however, so it could be that my plans are thwarted.... Here's hoping!


Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes : On Time Edition

Occasionally it occurs to me that I have a blog and ought to make attempts to keep it somewhat current. For the sake of full disclosure, when I use the term "current" it does not mean that I am actually keeping up on the latest blogging trends or that I have interesting things to say. If you are interested in that sort of thing then I suggest you visit the blogs belonging to Jen, Ana, or Grace. I find that the best way to view my blog as a sort of web-based Tourette Syndrome. What's that you say? This has nothing to do with "7 Quick Takes"? Very well. Off I go...

1) Part-Time : After 2+ years as a full-time crisis pregnancy counselor I have made the transition to part-time. My work week consists of three (MTW) full days of work and then, in essence, a four-day weekend. This means that I can actually schedule prenatal appointments, keep the apartment in (relative) order, and (hypothetically) make real meals for my husband to enjoy (did I mention that this was hypothetical?). It also means that when the winter weather really hits I will only have to skid down icy, snow-laden roads make my 30+ minute commute two or three days a week! I have looked forward to this for months and despite the constant questioning of my coworkers, YES, I AM SURE THIS IS WHAT I WANT! The only downside is that I now have no idea what day of the week it is and may or may not have stayed up until 1:30 AM Thursday morning to post this...... I remained oblivious to today being Thursday until having a chance conversation with my sister-in-law who gently set me straight.

2) Nesting : I recognize that this is entirely absurd, but whether it is the transition to part-time or the earliest onset of nesting EVER (we are due in mid-February), Ben and I have already set up the baby's Pack'n Play, washed, folded, and put away all the clothes we have received, and moved around the furniture as needed for baby's arrival. Speaking of which....

3) Boy Clothes : What the H is up with boy clothes? I realize that boys tend to like animals, machines, sports, etc. but must they really be plastered over every single article of clothing that they are meant to wear?! I don't see unicorns and mermaids and chocolate enveloping practically every inch of girl clothes! It seems to me that there must have been a man out there, perhaps the younger sibling to sisters who received their hand-me-downs and was scarred as a result, who made it his life's purpose to enter the world of baby boy couture and leave no onesie, overall, or bib without a symbol that proclaimed "I AM MALE!". I am not opposed to expressions of masculinity and I am not some wacky "gender neutral" enthusiast who thinks everything should be nothing but yellow or green. But seriously? Ok. Tirade complete!

"But I'm a real boy!"

4) Third Trimester : Despite having several weeks to go before being considered full-term, I have definitely reached a point where the pregnancy is not all fun and games. In other words, I have yet to find a position that is genuinely comfortable. I am including all positions so this is not merely limited to sitting. Over the course of the past several months I have acquired more and more pillows and now have what my husband affectionately refers to as my "Pillow Throne." Perhaps I need to continuing accumulating and I am just one or two away from complete Pregnancy-Pillow-Nirvana. Somehow I doubt it. As far as standing/walking/moving is concerned, I am pretty sure that my genetic code has a laziness gene so really I cannot be blamed for all that business.

5) Pregnancy & Fitness : I have complained inordinately mentioned in previous posts that my obstetrician and I have differing views regarding fitness/health and pregnancy -- he believes that I should avoid almost all grains, all sugar on God's green Earth (basically), eat mostly protein, veggies and fruits; I believe that no meal is really complete without a dessert, grain, starch, unnecessary fattening agent, or all of them combined! Doc had me meet with the nutritionist this week. And really, since words cannot capture what the experience was like, I have decided to provide a visual aid -->

"Repeat after me - sugar is poison!"

Regarding fitness, my ideal Pregnancy Fitness Program would involve me getting out of bed in the morning, moving around the apartment (as needed), and alternating between lying down and sitting (propped up by pillows) throughout the day. My doctor said that I should get a pedometer and try to aim for 10,000 steps per day. I have gone ahead and purchased a pedometer but I have a sneaking suspicion that my results will fall somewhat short (say by 8-9,000). Since it admits to being only "96 - 98%" accurate I believe the best course of action is to blame the pedometer for not counting properly.

6) Maternity Clothes : This week was huge for me regarding maternity clothes. Up to this point in pregnancy, I have gotten by using one (i.e. less than two but more than zero) pair of maternity jeans, three maternity shirts (one of the perks to liking baggy shirts - it's a trend I keep waiting to see rise up in the world of Fashion), and lots of returns to Gap Maternity, Old Navy Maternity, Motherhood, etc. I am not a short person but, as it turns out, my 5'11 frame is not quite tall enough to usher me into the hallowed halls of "Tall" fashion wear. This has resulted in me having to buy jeans that are either bizarrely long or absurdly short (I mean, in the end I do actually believe that the sexiest part on a women's body happens to be between the edge of her sock and the cuff of her pants. I'm sure you agree). Anyways, short story made long, I found a pair of maternity jeans that, while still overly long, fit. I purchased them and they are safely tucked into my dresser drawer. I plan on wearing them. Eventually. Maybe.

7) Topics : I should probably consider writing on other things beside pregnancy and babies. Maybe art so I can sound cultured. Oh, that reminds me! In preparation for the upcoming release of The Hobbit (midnight showing in 3D what?!) and because every baby-ist out there insists you ought to read to your child while in-utero, my husband and I have been taking turns reading Tolkien out loud at night. I would say that it is one of the nerdiest things I have ever done but my lying quota has been met for the day. At any rate, it has been a blast and even if the movie is just dreadful it has managed to infuse our evenings with a great deal of fun.

How our baby imagines us

 Happy Friday