Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes


- 1 -

My sweet little boy is finally on the mend. He didn't stop pulling at his ears until a day or two ago and his sleep schedule is an absolute M E S S but his energy is back (oh. my!) and so are his delicious smiles and beautiful laughter.

- 2 -

Now that Leo's energy has returned so has his trouble-making. He is a little obsessed with his noise machine and tries to get at it whenever he can (i.e. when I'm not paying attention 100%). I wouldn't mind him pushing the buttons and fiddling around with it but he isn't content to do that. Nope. You know how most babies explore a toy or object with their mouths? Well, sure, Leo does that but discovery time is not complete until he has thrown it. And we have wood floors. Wood floors that dent and scratch easily. Wood floors that we are in the process of selling. Can you hear me wincing? 

- 3 -

So earlier today I was temporarily distracted and, naturally, Leo sped towards his bedroom. I heard the telltale thump of plastic on wood and started making my way to his room when I heard him start yelling. Not crying (yet) - just baby yelling in baby frustration. I walk into his room and burst out laughing. Why? Because my son the troublemaker had managed to wrap his monitor around his neck and was trying to remove it by pulling it tighter in his chubby little hands. I wanted so badly to snap a picture but I did not have my phone and, well, he was rather upset at that point. 

- 4 -

I already shared this photo in my last post but it just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite photos of Leo so I'm sharing it again!

I mean SERIOUSLY - look at that face!!!!

- 5 -

So last year our little family still lived in Indiana when Mardi Gras rolled around and we had the most awesome little bakery within 10 minutes of our apartment. Ben was away on the interview for his current job and was not going to be back until nightfall, leaving me with the intense responsibility of purchasing Paczkis. Despite growing up in a town that had a decent Polish population I had never heard of these delicious pastries so I did not understand why it was so terribly important that we have them. Still, being a dutiful wife I purchased a variety of them and waited for Ben to return so that we could end Ordinary Time in style. OH MY GOSH! They were soooooooooo good!!!

Fast forward to present day life in Virginia. I am unaware of a really good bakery in the area and Margi Gras is looming. I've decided to make my own this year. I have no earthly idea how they will turn out and it could end up being a colossal failure and waste of flour, BUT I'm still excited to try. I have found a solid recipe for the donuts themselves and a separate recipe for a strawberry cream filling. Results will be documented and shared. 

- 6 - 

Speaking of food (always a fav topic for me), tonight I made Muffin-Cup Cheddar Beef Pies, a recipe that I grabbed out of my first issue of Simple & Delicious (Taste of Home). It calls for frozen bread dough but I didn't have any on hand so I used the beloved dough function on my bread machine (seriously, I would be lost without that amazing contraption!!!) and used this recipe. Even if the filling had been a failure, which it was most certainly was NOT, the bread alone would have made this meal worthwhile! I'm talking Melt-in-Your-Mouth-Don't-Need-Butter Goodness! Leo enjoyed several bites and probably would have polished off a whole one himself if I had let him. I'm a mean mama, however, and insisted on pushing the veggies. 

- 7 -

Packing has gone well this week thanks to a trip to the liquor store and donations from a friend who recently moved. I've managed to pack 30+ boxes since last Saturday and while that is not as much as I would have liked, it's a solid start. I cannot wait to be unpacking them in a few weeks and getting situated in our new home! 

~ Happy Friday ~


  1. Hooray for packing success stories! And Christine and I are conniving to possibly have some kind of Mardi Gras party (my mother grew up in New Orleans - king cake is our big thing. We'll see if I'm ambitious enough to try making my own this year). We'll let you know if plans succeed :) And I've been thinking I should bring Annie over once she's over her cold, to keep Leo occupied while you get some packing done.

    1. That sound so fun! Let us know about Mardi Gras and I course you and Annie are always welcome :)

  2. Hannah, thanks for stopping by my blog! Thought I'd come by and see yours. :-)

    I laughed when I read, "Packing has gone well this week thanks to a trip to the liquor store..." Drinks would make packing go a lot better in our home... oh, you meant liquor boxes! (They really do make the best boxes for packing, don't they?)

    1. Haha! The packin process would certainly become much more interesting if all those liquor boxes had come from personal use! And thanks for stopping by :)