Friday, May 19, 2017

7 Quick Takes : Music Edition


Linking up with Kelly for some quick takes with a musical spin. I am crazy about music, y'all! Before kids I would spend literally hours searching for new music - indie/folk, alternative, pop, techno (those were dark days), religious, instrumental, etc. I am the kind of person who dreams about going on a cross-country road trip for the sole purpose of listening to music with the windows down for hours on end. So anyways, I am not up on the musical scenes these days but here are a few that I have found over the past year or so that I love. Enjoy!

NOTE : I never watch the music videos (free listening purposes only) and only occasionally check out lyrics so if some of these songs are not 100% kosher... well, you've been forewarned 😜

- 1 -

SYML - Where's My Love (acoustic)

This is my most recent discovery. I have no idea what it's about and I don't care. I just love the melody and how mellow it is. 

- 2 -

The Lumineers - Holdin' Out

I have never seen Storks and I don't imagine I will ever see it but I love this song. 

- 3 -

The Lumineers - Nobody Knows

Such a beautiful soulful song. Some day it will be blasting out of my rolled down windows with me singing along like an idiot.

- 4 -

The Lumineers - Angela 

OK yes I have a problem and it's called The Lumineers.

- 5 - 

 Modest Mouse - Float On

This song is perfect when my day needs a reset. I could be in the worst mood ever and this just makes me laugh. We all need one of those!

- 6 - 
Vance Joy - Mess is Mine


Vance Joy is hit or miss for me. I tend to like a good bit of his material but this song resonates with me in a big way because my husband is my rock and I, well, I am a bit of a mess most of the time.

- 7 - 
Rich Mullins - Step by Step

This song usually reduces me to tears. I <3 Rich Mullins. 

These are by no means by top 7 favorite songs of all time. Goodness knows you can't workout to most of 'em but they're often in rotation these days and I had to cut myself off somewhere. What are some of your favorite tunes? 
~ Happy Friday ~


  1. We are music twinsies! I totally love all those songs, but I hadn't heard the first one so thank you! I am actually seeing the Lumineers and U2 in concert in June and am pretty pumped about it!

  2. I am so out of the music loop. I didn't recognize the song titles or artist names of practically any of these, but once I listened to a few seconds I recognized it from the radio.