Friday, September 1, 2017

7 Quick Takes


Linking up with Kelly...

- 1 -

My kids love to draw. Because I am a lousy mom I keep about 5% of their art. Before you award me with the "Worst Mom Ever" trophy please understand that on average my kids produce about 8 to 10 two-sided pages of drawings per day. I'm pretty sure the forests out there are plotting our demise as I write this. At any rate there is a folder that I put some of the art and my 4 year old son has some real winners. 

Existential crises abound in the Egg People...

- 2 -

 As Leo was drawing the other day we had this exchange...

Leo : Mom! Come over here and look at this creature! But don't look there because those are his private parts...

Me: What?! Draw some clothes on your creature!

Leo (chuckling) : He can't wear clothes - he's way too fat!

Me : Leo, we do NOT draw private parts

Censored by the artist

- 3 -

The weather has been beautiful over the past week so we have been spending lots of time outside. The kids still aren't sure what to make of having a big yard. Pretty sure they don't think we are the actual owners.

Perhaps the best photo I've ever taken

Nothing like a pleasant drive in the grass..

Some days she lives in this dress

My little beauty

Tess didn't want to leave that tree

- 5 -

Us country folk have burn piles. Most people use them to burn leaves, branches that fall from trees, etc. We inherited a burn pile from the previous owners. I say "burn pile" but really I mean "burn mountain"

For the sake of scope
I don't look forward to dealing with this. We have an acquaintance who has offered to help us burn it safely and thank goodness because I don't think we had any idea just how out of our depth we were until we started talking strategy. On the upside, the pyro in me is like 

- 6 -

We started preschool the other day and it's hard to stress how not structured or serious we are about it. The only thing that we have real lessons for is the alphabet (we've tackled the short vowel sounds for "a" and "e"). This may or not be sticking. It does help fill the time a little and at least it exposes the kids to the alphabet so hey, small victories. One hilarious byproduct is that Leo has taken to asking Tessa and me to repeat things after him with no context whatsoever, asking me to correctly identify things in his drawings, and congratulate me when I say something he deems accurate. 

- 7 -

If you happen to have competitive toddlers I highly suggest buying this game. Actually I just recommend the game. My kids have been having a blast playing it and since it's cooperative we end each game with highfives instead of tears. We bought it so that my 2 year old would have a game that she could play with us without feeling left out or confused. It arrived the day of her special night of the month and she was tickled pink to be able to stay up playing a real actual game with mommy and daddy (and the sleepless wonder)

~ Happy Friday ~


  1. That burn pile is hilarious! And yes, so very country. We can come help you burn it, too. It takes so long you might as well make an event of it, mainly so the men can sit around the fire throwing things in and drinking beer.

  2. We have a constant burn pile growing in our back yard. I am always amazed at how quickly it will burn and how quickly we have another pile forming! My parents who live next door have some 100 plus year old pecan trees and those things are forever losing branches!