Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Five Favorites (Vol 10)

Special thanks to Jenny for hosting this week's link up!

- 1 -
Leo's Professional Portraits

The Teething / Goofy Face

The Guilty Smile

The two photos above are a result of us finally getting around to Leo's "6 Month" photos. Of course by the time we did them he was a few days shy of being 8 months old, but hey you do the best you can, right? While the session was an adorable success I made a semi-catastrophic error and long story short, we ended up with a CD and rights to all of the images instead of a handful of prints... MAJOR OOPS! On the bright side, we now have a bunch of super cute photos of Leo that I have had a blast tinkering with on Photoshop Elements. The photos I posted are not the best ones from the shoot but I love them for how they capture his little personality. 

- 2 -
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Yes, I'm stuck with the 10th edition

While Photoshop Elements is not as great as plain old Adobe Photoshop, I still love using it for editing photos. I very much hope that one day I will learn to be a good photographer and/or become much more skilled at using Photoshop. Obviously the best photographers do not depend upon Photoshop for great photos but I would settle for just being good :) 

- 3 -
The Blacklist

I really enjoy watching TV. I'll admit that I don't have the best taste but every now and then I stumble across a show that I think is truly great. NBC's "The Blacklist" is definitely that! James Spader is so much fun to watch and the female lead has surprised me with striking a good balance between being tough but vulnerable. It's the first show I have watched in awhile that keeps my complete attention and makes me want to punch the screen when the credits start rolling and I realize I have to wait an entire week for the next episode. Will you love it? I don't know but for my husband and me it is definitely a favorite!

- 4 -
Here with Me - Susie Suh & Robot Koch

Speaking of The Blacklist, this song was featured in one of the episodes and I really enjoyed it. I am sure that part of that is simply context but still. I used to obsess over music for hours every day, looking for new artists and songs. I don't have time for that now so TV shows/movies/commercials (yes, I actually do that) are my main source of new material. Feel free to add your suggestions in the com boxes because seriously I need new music! I once managed to pull three all-nighters in a row and it was thanks to music, not coffee (seriously after the 30th cup you just shake more, you don't get more awake)

- 5 -

This website has been an absolute godsend for me!!! I use the free version and that allows me to upload recipes, make meal plans for the week (or more), create a shopping list, etc. Perhaps it is simply due to major laziness but the fact that it compiles your grocery list for you is a huge perk for me. Not only that, but it even breaks down the grocery list by areas of the store (e.g. Dairy, Frozen, etc.). It has saved me countless hour and headaches and I just love love LOVE it!

~ Happy Wednesday ~


  1. oh my cuteness that baby is gorgeous!

  2. might have more than a little cuteness overload!

  3. I think I'm going to have to upload that app! I'm all for anything that simplifies life. Your little guy is adorable!

  4. Hi Hannah! This is Katie Murray, I am married to Luke who lived with your family in Steubenville for a couple years. Anyway, I stumbled upon your blog and noticed you mentioned that you would like to become a good photographer someday. I thought I would share with you some web sites that have been instrumental in my learning photography. My favorite is Clickin Mom's (http://www.clickinmoms.com) It has a blog full of tutorials and interviews and all sorts of fun stuff. It also has a forum (that you have to pay for) that is made up of thousands of photographers that are all there to help you learn more about photography. If you're interested in joining, I noticed this year for Black Friday/Cyber Monday they offered 40% off all their memberships...so you could wait until next year and take advantage of that great deal! The other website is I Heart Faces (http://www.iheartfaces.com). Hope this helps!

    OH also, Luke just applied for the Assistant Professor position at Christendom. That's where you guys are, right? I'm super excited because my sister and brother live in DC and VA. Would be nice to be near family. Anyway....happy Wednesday!