Friday, January 3, 2014

Let's Catch Up

Remember that one time when I was all like "hey I am blogging again!" and then I made good on that for like, oh I dunno, two days? Yeah..... good times....

So let's catch up!


Leo and his Papa

Leo is now 10 months old (!) and has a mouthful of eight teeth. He crawls and even pulls himself up on occasion. He has one of the strangest crawls I have ever seen - his right leg basically stays crooked beneath him (like he's in the sitting position) but the rest of him is in the crawling position. It makes him off-balance so we have had falls aplenty, especially with the hardwood and tile floors. He babbles a fair bit and seems to show a growing understanding with "mama" and "dada" but it's not consistent yet. He is a sweetheart and tends to be very warm towards others, but he does have a fiery temper and when something happens that he doesn't like he finds a way to express it! 
- 2 -

Leo was the sheep the grandkids' Christmas pageant. Naturally he stole the show....

- 3 -

Every time it starts to snow this is all I want to do

That right there just might be the best moment in movie history

- 4 -

Ben and I continued our tradition of spending New Year's Eve watching a kid's movie. This year we sipped wine and nibbled on cheese and crackers while watching Over the Hedge. We didn't even bother trying to stay up until midnight.

- 5 -
Long story short we put our house on the market about a week before Christmas. It happens to be the worst time of year to list a house so if you feel like sending some prayers our way we would sure be grateful! 

- 6 -

My side project
So a few months ago we decided to get a door for Ben's office. We wanted it to be a solid wood door so that it would match the other doors of the house but as it turns out solid wood doors are $$$$! So I was on the phone with my mom and lo and behold she has a free door that is exactly the size we need and if we want it it's ours! I didn't realize that it was painted so when it arrived I was a little disappointed but hey, free is FREE! I decided that I was going to refinish it and set up shop in our garage. Suffice it to say that my little side project did not end up being so little after all. Instead of taking me a week or two it took me a little over two months and God knows how many hours. Our contractor felt so bad for me that he lent me his sander AND installed it for free! It's hard to express how good it feels every time I see that door (poorly stained as it is). 

- 7 -

This is one of the best things I have ever seen <3

~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~


  1. Haha, our family quotes that line from Hook when it snows. And awesome staining job! A million times better than I could do. :) Prayers that your house sells soon!

  2. Aren't you going to tell your faithful followers WHY you put your house on the market? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Wow, I'm just catching up here, and I can't believe Leo is 10 months old already!!