Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes


- 1 -

Like Jen this has not been the easiest of weeks for me. Leo started having a runny nose on Sunday and by Monday morning he was a fussing, miserable sick mess of a baby. Maybe it's just my imagination but I feel like he gets sick all the time! We dealt with a bad cold before, during, and after Christmas and HELLO! it is not even February and here comes another one! So Ben is back to the good 'ol daily grind of teaching and I am trying to get my act together regarding packing (more on that later) but it's hard to pack a box when Mr. Sniffles is too sad and sick to play and only wants to be held. After a few days of this I figured that something was different this time around and so I scheduled a doctor's appointment. They fit me into their 4:50 PM slot and long story short we were seen at about 6:00 PM (did I mention that Leo skipped his afternoon nap that day?). You would've thought that they were giving him shots the poor kid was so upset! Seriously, the doctor was a little unnerved herself. So yeah it turns out my poor little guy has a double ear infection! The good news is that we made it until 11 months before needing antibiotics. The even better news is that we have antibiotics and ear drops and even though he shouts death threats at us in baby speak when we give them he is doing much better now.

- 2 -

I wish that I could sit here and tell you that I handle stress and emotions in general like a champ. Yeah.... not so much. So my question to you is this - how do you learn to control your emotions instead of letting them control you? I know that I've improved a lot in the past few years but I'm not where I want to be and as a wife and mom that is pretty darn high on the priority list!

- 3 -

We are moving!!! If all goes well (knock on wood) we are going to be moving into a lovely house IN TOWN at the end of February! I cannot tell you what an answer to prayer it is and the whole process has been such a God thing that it's crrrrrazy! Here's a little anecdote to show you what I mean.....

We received an e-mail on Tuesday morning that the sellers had received a new offer on their house. We were given 72 hours to get a contract on our house. It was bad weather and we had already had 12+ showings without an offer in sight so we "knew" it was impossible. Long story short we had someone come out to the house the next morning (had to be driven by their realtor because they needed four wheel drive to get here) and had a contract by that afternoon...!!! It was a total 11th hour, God-showing-off deal and we could not be more excited

- 4 -

It seems that all that crawling around with Leo took its toll because I had to say goodbye to my favorite pair of jeans this week. It felt wrong tossing them in the trash, like maybe I should have set them on fire or buried them or at the very least given a little eulogy. *sniff sniff*

- 5 -

There is a stink bug on the floor next to me. I hate those things. I mean, I really really really really really hate those things. I know they don't bite. I know they don't sting. One day I'm just gonna have enough and go Simon Pegg on em

Overkill? They're STINK BUGS!
- 6 -

Leo and I have been having fun with forts over the past two weeks. While he enjoyed the one I made with the kitchen table his favorite by far is his crib. That's right - the hated crib doubles as his favorite play zone. One thick, fleecy blanket draped over and it is transformed into his own personal baby cave. He laughs uproariously if I crawl around the outside and sneak up on him. Seriously love this kid.

- 7 -

The buyers did the whole home inspection thing last Friday and so Leo and I had to vacate the premises. Naturally it was during nap time so that made things a different level of interesting. Thanks to the generosity of one of my friends we were able to crash at her place and revel in new surroundings, different toys (fun ones!), and even sneak in a nap. Using the app that Katrina told me about I was able to snap these photos of Leo while we were there

Leo eats the baby doll. Clearly we have work to do.

~ Happy Friday ~


  1. I'm really bad at #2 as well. It took me a long, long, long,long time to not let stress and anxiety control me. It basically took a couple years of near constant stress for me to learn to now let it control me. I wouldn't advocate that strategy and I sitll struggle with it a lot.

    1. Wouldn't it be nice if progress (a) happened much more quickly and (b) was super obvious to all parties involved? Just sayin....

  2. Congrats on the new place! And I'm glad you liked the app :)

    1. Thank you! We are so excited! I cannot wait to have an actual family room/play area for Leo!

  3. Poor little guy- hope he feels better soon! And I concur about stink bugs- they are awful and I wish they'd go back to where they came from.
    Congrats on everything coming through on your house!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! His Highness boycotted his afternoon nap today and is currently scurrying around the floor growling

  4. So happy for you and the house situation. Our God is an Awesome God!

  5. I can relate so much to being overwhelmed and emotional, especially when my kids are sick. I think it's partially a temperament thing, but also part of being a new mother and having to see your baby suffer. Last year Max was sick ALL THE TIME and I was such a wreck. I'm no doctor, but I think if their system gets run down they just catch every little thing. This year we have only been sick once and I have been a more stable, happy person.
    I wish I had some good advice about controlling emotions. It's really hard when you're naturally a sensitive or passionate person. Add stress and sleep deprivation and it's a perfect storm! My coping mechanisms are prayer and being honest about when I need some time to recharge.
    Congrats on the new place. If you feel at please with your surroundings, it will probably help a lot. It has for me!

    1. Good call on the sleep deprivation and stress. I forget about those components sometimes and they are key players. I need to work on my spiritual life in a big way. I have good intentions but good intentions without discipline don't really accomplish much :)