Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I am writing this post at 2:15 PM on Friday, which makes me the blogger equivalent of this kid -->

wait up!
 Oh well, better late than never... right?

1. Pinterest : I used to devote endless hours to looking up recipes, fashion ideas, home decor concepts, organizational tips, etc. I took a break for several months (no, I did not miss it actually) but have returned recently. I only allow myself to go when I have something specific in mind, however, and that seems to help and even be useful. 

2. Recipes : I have recently noticed that the ratio of Good Chicken Breast Recipes to Good Ground Beef Recipes is somewhere in the neighborhood of 500,345 : 1 . Seriously, I am one of the biggest fan of Italian/American food out there and would be perfectly happy eating Spaghetti or Baked Ziti practically every day of the week, but my husband does not happen to share my obsession and while it was not explicitly stated in our vows, I am pretty sure that as his wife I have to consider his palate and provide some variety. So I have been trying to hunt down good meals and recipe ideas that incorporate ground beef. I have a feeling that the people over at All Recipes are enjoying themselves immensely at my search attempts. At any rate I have managed to find a handful to try and hope they manage to please. Updates to follow (you can't wait, can you?).

3. Monday Blog : Encouraged by my recent dabbling in the kitchen I have thought of a blog series that I hope to begin soon. If all goes well I will be doing a brief post on Mondays, the topic of which would be a recipe that I would have tried out within the past week. I am no Rachel Ray or {insert name of other famous chef} so it is quite possible that the majority of my posts will refer to recent failures rather than successes. I will not be limiting myself to any particular type of cuisine or dish so it could be an appetizer one week, main dish the next, etc. The only rule is that it has to be something I have not tried before. Feel free to join in if you like the idea. As always, feedback is appreciated!

4. Baby : I do not care what all of the books or websites say - Leo likes to move and lack of room is not holding him back one bit! I had a dream last night where I accidentally gave birth to him (legs first no less!) and finally got to hold him. He was a cute little guy but when he opened up his mouth he had a mouthful of teeth! I told my doctor about it today and while he gave me a polite little chuckle he did tell me that some babies are indeed born with teeth! They are referred to as "milk teeth" (every breastfeeding mother in the world just winced) and fall out within the first few weeks. Here's hoping Kiddo has as many teeth as this guy -->

but not that nose

5. Ants : I have no idea how they are getting into our apartment but the number of ants killed within our home over the past week is slightly ridiculous. They seem to prefer our two bathrooms rather than our kitchen counters (thank God!) and travel alone rather than congregating but there is something unspeakably upsetting about thinking there is a spec of lint on the floor then realizing that it is indeed alive and moving! Partly because I hate wasting toilet paper on the little blighters and partly because I cannot stand the idea of having them within my grasp, my method of disposing of them has involved the use of our handheld vacuum. It provides me with a fantastic sense of self-satisfaction when I see them get sucked up into the oblivion of dust and grime. That being said, I finally reached a high enough level of frustration this week that I went ahead and purchased a pack of 12 ant traps. I don't know how it works and I don't want to. All I want is for bathroom floor to stop moving!

6. WIC : Despite knowing about Leo's existence since June, my work schedule did not allow me to sign up for WIC until this week. It took some extra planning and thought when I wrote out our grocery list and went shopping but it was wonderful to see a smaller bill at the end of it all. One day I will figure out how to clip coupons and be a smarter shopper but for now I am just happy to have saved a few dollars.

7. J-O-B : This upcoming Wednesday will mark my last day working as a crisis pregnancy counselor, a position I have held for the past 2 1/2 years. It is especially on my mind today as hundreds of thousands gather today in D.C. and march in remembrance of the countless lives lost since Roe vs. Wade and for change. For a beautifully written and unique perspective on the subject I suggest reading Jen's article over at Life Site News. Good stuff! 

Speaking of which, I hope you will take the time to go visit Jen , Ana , and all the other wonderful 7-Quick-Takers! 

~ Happy Friday ~

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