Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Well, it seems like this late business is becoming a trend! Really I have no excuse this time. I could have written this yesterday and had it posted right on time. The truth is I don't even remember what I did instead! How absurd is that?

I don't own a cat and I'm not blond, but otherwise it seems spot on.

1. The Recipe Post : As I mentioned before I am planning on starting a blog/post series pertaining to recently tried recipes. I have tried my hand at a fair few new ones lately so I am really looking forward to it! Because I'm scatterbrained and forgetful as all get out these days I did manage to forget to take any pictures of said recipes... So the pictures that will accompany my post(s) may not be pictures of what I personally made. Don't worry, though - I won't choose photos that make it look like I belong on Iron Chef (is that a thing?).

2. Work : This past Wednesday marked my last day as a crisis pregnancy counselor with the Women's Care Center, a job that I have held for the past 2 1/2 years. My coworkers bought me a lovely (and delicious!) cake and baby gifts and even some of my clients stopped by to say goodbye. I think I will have to devote an entire post to express what the past 2 1/2 years have meant to me and how they have affected me. Here's hoping I remember to do it! 

3. Home : Now that I am not employed my time is spent putzing around the apartment, washing and folding laundry that doesn't even necessarily need it (seriously, I am redefining what a "small" load of laundry is), penning a few thank you notes (really I should be devoting ALL my time to this!), and scanning the internet. My relationship with the internet is somewhat like a desperate girl waiting for her crush to call... I don't really know what I'm waiting for or expecting but man, it's gonna be AWESOME! 

New email?! I don't even care that it's junk! HOOBOY!
4. Shopping : Now that I have successfully signed up for WIC shopping is a much more intense experience. I only had to go up and down the aisles 29 times before I successfully retrieved everything on my list. Just so you understand how truly ridiculous that is, when I write my list I break it down by aisle. In other words, I have NO EXCUSE! 

5. Job Search : My incredible and amazing husband is finishing up his doctorate and on the job market. As everyone on Planet Earth knows, said market is not terribly friendly these days. Still, he has managed to snag a couple interviews and that is super awesome! The interview that I happen to be the most insanely excited about is scheduled over a period of three days this month. It is out of state so he will have to leave me for that stretch of time. This wouldn't be an issue at all except for the little niggling bit where that happens to be four days before my due date. I mentioned this to my doctor today and he informed that, as it happens, he also will be out of town for those days....... What!?! I was ordered not to go into labor until after they both have returned. I feel like we ought to use sign language while discussing this because I just bet you that Leo is listening, a knowing smile on his cherubic face, and making plans of his own. Prayers on the job hunt and delivery are appreciated all around! 

6. Tea vs. Coffee : Over the course of the pregnancy I have lost my taste for coffee. This is kind of a big deal. Before I became pregnant I had a minimum of 3 cups of coffee every day. I have become obsessed with Red Raspberry Leaf tea, however, and prefer it over coffee like I prefer Double Stuffed Oreos over beets (I hate beets, just in case that was not clear). The analogy is not perfect because I do not actually hate coffee... I just don't care for it that much. I am hopeful that my love for java will return after delivery and that I will return to my previous state --> 

They're missing the carafe full of creamer and bucket of sugar I require....

7. Weather : Ben and I have been quite good about getting outside and walking throughout the pregnancy. We have braved frigid temperatures, biting winds, and even falling snow on occasion. But the recent weather patterns here in South Bend/Mishawaka have proven to be too much (even for us) and so I have had to resort to exercising with my good friend Leslie Sansone. Yeah, she's crazy annoying. I don't know how anyone that pathologically positive is allowed to make an exercise DVD but she's done it, man. The exercise on her DVDs is great for someone like me because all it really involves is walking in place, with occasional additions thrown in to spice things up. I am actually so uncoordinated that I cannot include the arm exercises she tries to incorporate, but otherwise I can keep up (me and the other 60-80 year olds walking with her. no, seriously). Anyways, since it is as basic as exercise routines go I can mute the video and play my Pandora stations in the background. HUGE difference! So, in other words, the weather really needs to improve. ASAP. 

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~ Happy Friday ~

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