Sunday, January 20, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 4)

Well, I have been absent for a few weeks now from the What I Wore Sunday scene and feel I must explain. You see, I have a very small rotation of maternity shirts that still fit and the number of Sunday-suitable shirts is smaller still. I think the total is something in the ballpark of two or three shirts. Scarves help out on occasion and God knows I have plenty of those (seriously, no matter how many times I cull my closet their number seems to grow!). Even with the assistance of scarves and accessories, however, I feel like all that I would be doing is duplicating previous posts. I suppose the pictures would be different - does lighting and environment count for a change in WIWS? Anyways, all this rambling is to say that a friend's wedding a few weeks ago required me to go on a fierce shopping hunt so that I could actually attend and not be asked to leave. My poor husband was an absolute trooper and came along for the ride and without his encouragement and sense of humor I think I would have just stayed home or lurked in the vestibule of the Church. So, without further ado.......
What mess on the floor???

Favorite Earrings

Details -->

Dress : Burlington Coat Factory (not maternity - just one very convenient waist and lots of stretchy material!)
Tights : Macy's
Shoes : Target (No, I do not own any other dressy black flats)
Earrings : Amazon (missing matching necklace due to boat-neck style dress)
Eyeliner : Meijer (I know this really doesn't count but I finally bought some after being without any for a few weeks and it makes me SOOOOOOO happy!!!)

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  1. That dress fits you SO well! Looks great. I still don't have any polka dots in my wardrobe, surprisingly enough!

    1. Thanks! I love polka dots though I do wish the dots were a little smaller :)

  2. I'm a sucker for polka dots and it looks so great on you! I was the same way when I was pregnant with our first child... I felt like I wore the same things over and over again. When it came to our second little one, I steered away from the actual maternity wear and took advantage of looser fitting "regular" clothes (minus pants of course). Not sure if that helps. I think that it is awesome that your husband is a great encouragement though!

  3. I love the polka dots! They always remind me of those beautiful vintage day dresses.

  4. The polka dots are so cute. How many weeks are you? You look vintage fabulous! Who cares about duplicating! :)

  5. You look beautiful! I love the polka-dots. Just a few more weeks and you will be holding a miracle. That is awesome! Blessings dear one...

  6. What a great dress! I love the polka dots.

  7. Love your dress! You look great.

  8. That dress is adorable! I can barely see the baby bump. My hairstylist swore by maxi dresses through her pregnancy instead of maternity ones. They're so long that they have extra room. I wore a maxi dress this week despite having no baby bump at all (or ever).

  9. Yes! Someone else who found a great dress at Burlington! Love it!