Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I Wore on Christmas

At long last we are returned to our home and I have access to WiFi and my desktop! Visiting family is absolutely awesome and I am so glad that we had the opportunity to sneak in so much time with both of our families over the past several days, but there is something magnificent about being HOME! And no, I am not just saying because I can sink back into my antisocial ways so stop judging. Anyways, on to the real point of this post (yes, there is a point).

There is no escape from the awkward arms!

Vanity shot, originally intended to show off earrings. Fail.
My incredible husband who ought to make photographic appearances way more in my blog posts!

I am not sure whether or not the photos capture this or not, but this outfit made me one very uncomfortable individual! I have had an absolute hatred of tights for the entirety of my life. My outfits are strategically chosen so that tights are completely optional, which in my case means they remain tucked away in my drawer. Unfortunately I could not escape them this Christmas Eve and for three hours they tortured me - mind, body, and soul. At some point I hope to have a ritual burning of them. Anyways!

Dress : Target (NOT maternity! Sitting and kneeling was a little epic)
Tights (aka Stretchy Implement of Torture) : Macy's
Shoes : Target
Scarf : eBay
Earrings (not adequately pictured) : Etsy

I hope you all had a Merry and Blessed Christmas and that your outfits were far more attractive and comfy! Now, go please go check in with the amazing Grace and company !

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