Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Looks like we made it to Friday, folks! I can only speak for myself but this week seemed to drag a bit and even though weekends don't really have any meaning when you are unemployed and spend the majority of your time at home, it is still nice for the weekend to be here! Due to the increased down time I am going to have to rack my brain a bit to fill all of the necessary slots.....

1. Rack vs. Wrack : Because I do not know how to be a normal person, I felt the need to use Google to determine the proper spelling of the phrase "rack my brain(s)". As it turns out everyone disagrees and I was left more confused than I was before the search attempt. Also, I'm not sure whether or not "brain" should be pluralized and I have half a mind to just delete the last sentence of the previous paragraph so I can put this absurd business to rest.

2. Absurd : I am not sure when it started but I have noticed that lately I have been using the word "absurd" a ridiculous amount (yes, I actually had to fight the urge to write "an absurd amount"). It has become somewhat of a verbal tic. In my defense, life has been a bit on the absurd side for the past few weeks (or is it months?) so it is not wholly unreasonable that such a word would become such a constant in my daily speech. There is the business of my pregnancy brain (i.e. depletion of brain cells, memory, etc.), the rather imminent arrival of Baby Leo (due date is February 17th), Ben's upcoming trip/interview, etc. I find myself forgetting and/or doing all sorts of bizarre things. I feel that this event from yesterday might help to illustrate my point -->

Ben : "Hey. Is that tuna on your foot?"
Me (looking down) : "Oh. Yeah. I forgot about that."

Yes, there really was tuna on my foot (it fell down when I was standing in the kitchen eating, which is my main pastime as of late) and yes, I really had forgotten to wash it off and had been walking around the apartment with it being there for well over an hour. Absurd!

3. Third Trimester : Just in case you weren't already waiting on pins and needles to meet your unborn child and finally see what he looks and sounds like, the third trimester helps spur you on by adding new aches and pains, swelling, more insomnia, nausea, etc. to the mix. In other words, I'm whining again. It's times like these that my guardian angel probably wishes she/he (if they even have genders) could slap me....

4. Valentine's Day : I apologize in advance to anyone reading this who happens to be of a sentimental or romantic nature. I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. I never have been. When I was younger I was convinced it was just me being negative because I was single and awkward and all of that. But now that I am married and actually have a love well worth celebrating I find that my attitude towards this particular "holiday" is not terribly different. Maybe it has nothing to do with being single or married and everything to do with hating the idea that Hallmark, chocolate companies, and florists get to dictate when and how I ought to communicate my love to my spouse. I feel like those candy hearts really ought to read "We Own You" and "Nothing Says Love Like Forced Affection." Ok, ok - I'll back off. And the truth is that Yes, I will jump through the silly hoops of Valentine's Day and I will make sure that I do or get something for my husband because I happen to be married to a romantic. Funnily enough he cannot stand being described as such but I think that's just because when he hears that term he thinks I'm saying he is basically like one of these guys.....

Romance was dead until my pale cold sparkly skin and
creepy red eyes brought it back

5. Tea vs. Coffee : Yes, the battle rages on. I am still drinking copious amount of Red Raspberry Leaf tea and loving every scalding sip of it, but I have been dabbling in coffee again and had a few magical cups this week that make me think our magical relationship will soon be restored. I only wish that this coincided with the very bestest part of the year. That's right, I'm referring to

And the angels sing......

6. Nesting : Is it really nesting if you have been doing it the entire pregnancy? Because what everyone describes as "nesting" is basically just that. I mean, now that I have more time on my hands I can do it more but it's just more of what I was doing before. Seriously, Kiddo's clothes were washed, folded, and put in their place before my 2nd trimester was over! Hmmmm.....

7. Monday Blog : This past Monday was my first successful post in my weekly recipe series! I am prepping my second post already and am happy to report that I actually remembered to take pictures of that recipe so I will have my very own pictures to upload! I hope you will consider stopping by to check it out and even consider joining in =) 

Now that you have successfully reached the end of my meandering post please do yourself a favor and check out Jen and all of the other awesome Quick Takers!


  1. I nested an absurd amount at the very end of in the last week! Before the 2nd trimester was over? You impress me, Mama!

  2. Re: your #1, may I recommend rather than Google? It's far more straightforward and has the added bonus (or should that be 'subtracted detriment'?) of no personal opinions clouding the matter. I hope Google did at least lead you to 'wrack'. I think the plural's optional.

  3. Ah, yes, Valentine's Day! I think our culture places too much emphasis on romantic love and not enough on family and friends, too.

    Tea vs. coffee...I love both!

  4. I say rack too and I was an English major. Brain is definitely singular though.

    I gave up caffeine for new year so warm beverages for me don't exist unless they're cocoa but that pumpkin pie spice is really making me reconsider!