Sunday, February 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 7)

Today is Leo's Official Due Date, folks! And so far there has been no action to report. Since it is my first pregnancy I am not surprised by this and accept the fact that it could be a solid 5 - 7 days from now before he decides that he is ready for his debut. I accept this fact in the vague theoretical way that you accept that eating two dozen cookies will most-likely result in you gaining some weight. The lack of full acceptance comes in where I feel as big as a house and cannot truly fit into any of my maternity clothes and feel awkward going out in public.

Why am I rambling about all this? Because taking part in What I Wore Sunday is becoming a little more difficult wardrobe-wise so I want you to understand that if I have worn this outfit before and posted it I am letting myself off the hook entirely! For those of you who are pregnant or have been pregnant before I have no doubt that you will allow me this indulgence......

Like the Who-hair? Hairspray never stood a chance

Clearly brand spankin' new

Gigantic earrings worn in an effort to offset Who-hair

Details, details...

Purple Shirt : Charlotte Russe (back when they made clothing you could actually wear)
Undershirt : Charlotte Russe (purple shirt impossible without said undershirt - I am sure you wanted to know)
Pants : Macy's/Motherhood Maternity
Shoes : TJ Maxx
Earrings : Forever 21

It is my sincere hope that I will be unable to link-up up with the amazing folks at Fine Linen and Purple next Sunday because I will be overwhelmed by the first few days post-delivery. If not, at least I have something to look forward to =)

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~ Happy Sunday ~


  1. This is such an exciting post! What a time of expectation! And you look very lovely in that sweet shade of purple, and I LOVE the earrings.

    Just really, really excited for you. I'll be praying.

  2. Beyond adorable! I'll be sending up lots of prayers for a safe and peaceful delivery. Can't wait to hear the happy news!

  3. Happy Due Date! I hope you have something excited planned-even if it's just a special dessert. That helped me get through our first pregnancy and will surely help again when we hit our due date next Sunday. Praying for a healthy delivery!

  4. So I am seriously over-commenting, but I totally relate. I had almost nothing to wear and wasn't super comfy near the end--but refused to invest any more money into more maternity clothes this time around. I just walked around looking awkward for a couple weeks...maybe more like a month, let's face it =). YOU on the other hand look really cute in that photo! I think the hair is adorable, by the way! Alright I'm totally struck a chord with me on this one, it was all too recently I was feeling exactly the same way.

  5. Your "who-hair" cracks me up - I didn't even notice it! The earrings are awesome and a good distracer :) I was 10 days over due with my first and did not look nearly as adorable or put together as you! Savor the last days! You know, in between waddling around. ;)

  6. Almost there. SO very exciting. Love the purple, love the earrings and I can't wait to see your little one!! May you have a healthy and safe delivery. Looking forward to good news soon! Happy nesting Mama.

  7. Wait, is that a NON-maternity shirt that you're able to fit into? You totally win. And looking put together on your due date is a serious skill - I lived in yoga pants, basketball shorts, and my husband's old t-shirts the last few weeks of all my pregnancies, except when I had to get dressed for Mass. Tent dresses aren't nearly as flattering as your outfit :) Prayers! Just keep scheduling exciting activities every day, that way it's win-win - either you get to do something fun OR you get to have your baby and NOT BE PREGNANT ANYMORE!!!

  8. My daughter was 8 days late! I wouldn't have guessed you were more than 35 weeks or so. Prayers for peace in this last little time and for a very healthy delivery!

  9. Hannah,
    You look great! Happy Due Date and good for you for being in good spirits. It is definitely a trying time! I think it is made worse when people say dumb things like:

    1) Looking at my overly pregnant belly: "No baby yet?" I can barely keep the mean, impatient, hormone-laden beast inside and avoid yelling while gesturing frantically at my stomach: "Oh, yeah, well, the baby came but clearly I stuffed him/her back in. C'mon!"

    2) Annoying Facebook friends who think it's cute to post on my wall every day, "Any news yet?"

    3) People, who when I call just to chat trying to distract myself from the fact that I'm not having a baby see it's me calling and answer the phone, " Did you have the baby?!"

    It's the time when I feel most irritable, and simultaneously a time when many people seem to be the most irritating. Hoping the last phase goes smoothly and passes quickly! Get in lots of jigsaw puzzles, naps, cook up some meals to throw in the freezer for yourself, and enjoy!

  10. Those earrings are so awesome, and I love that shirt. I feel for you on feeling big as a house, but I can seriously hardly tell you're preggo in that first picture!