Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Day Link Up

As you will soon see I have no right joining my amazing sister-in-law and participating in her
Valentine's Day Cabin Fever Creativity Link-Up and Giveaway, but I am doing it anyway because, if nothing else, it will make you feel like you are Martha-Stewart-On-Crack! 

Most of you are at least vaguely familiar with the online phenomenon known as Pinterest. The best description that I have found so far is this....

"However, a better definition for Pinterest could be made—a one word definition—”addiction.” Users of this site are losing hours at a time scouring over content in an all-out ADHD-storm. People are stuck on pinning; pinned to their seats, if you will. And by people, we mostly mean women." - Huebris

Given the fact that today's post is pertaining to creativity/crafts/etc. it should be obvious why I am referring to Pinterest. That's right - Having spent hours scrolling through and re-pinning the successful projects of others I quickly devolved into something like this...

We have this empty space on our bathroom wall that seems to stare me down every time I walk in or by it, made even worse by the fact that the walls are the dullest shade of dull creams imaginable. Something had to be done! Something creative, something pretty, and something cheap. So naturally I turned to Pinterest for ideas and, after stumbling upon images like this

I decided to hunt down a site where you could print off free monograms. What's that you say? Why not just design your own monogram using something like Microsoft Word? Don't be absurd - I have neither the time nor the will power to decide which font truly fits our home!!!! *ahem* So yes, I downloaded a few monograms and went to my handy-dandy Photoshop Elements to edit and prep for printing. I had a few frames that were free and even had the blank photo paper inside so that I could use them for printing! Short story made long story made short, a little over an hour later I had gone through God knows how much ink, quite a bit of paper (sorry, trees! No, no I'm not....), and still had made no progress. So I angrily exited out of Elements and switched to Microsoft Word, pasted the photo, and printed. Guess what? That worked. First time. I eagerly cut off the excess paper and placed it in the frame with a sense triumph and glee.

That's when I realized the frame is not the kind you can hang. Did that stop me? No way, man! I had just used up over 1 1/2 hrs for one of the simplest projects known to man and I was not going to let stop me!

Yes, the frame and picture are too small to have the effect I wanted. And yes, the frame is precariously perched on a nail and will most certainly fall on my head at some point in the near future. But for an uncreative individual like myself it is a start and the closest thing to creativity I have mustered in a heck of a long time! 

Now, can you really tell me that you don't feel at least a little bit better about yourself? You're welcome.

~ Happy Saturday & Happy Crafting ~


  1. several things:
    1- you are crazy, do NOT delete your link...
    2- i love love love this!! i may have to copy the idea, not the letter, when our bathroom is finally finished, it would certainly be classier than the fat cat
    3-this post is hilarious, i want to go back and re-read to laugh again. seriously, that guy at the top makes me so happy. all of it, so great.

  2. it looks great! mind sharing where you found that pretty monogram? :)

  3. I cannot believe I forgot to include the link before! I did go ahead and attach the link in the post above but for brevity's sake (not quite my forte) here it is -->

    Love their website!!!

  4. Cute! I waste SO much time on pinterest, but rarely manage to DO any of it (being cheap as heck is my greatest hindrance. That and the lazy thing). I've been inspired to scour my bulging boards and make something this week!

    My fave part of the post: "Short story made long story made short..." I genuinely envy your eloquence. :D