Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Fantastic Five

Today is Wednesday. How do I know that? Truly the only reason is because I know it's time to join special guest host Grace for the weekly Five Favorites! Yes, I ought to know just for sanity's sake but you take what you can get.....

1. Caffeine 

I wish

Welcome to the reason I am currently semi-functional these days! It seems that at some point in the last week kiddo decided that sleeping is for the weak and by golly, he is out to prove how strong he is! I feel like I'm playing some bizarre game of roulette every time I lay him down for sleep. Will I get 18 minutes or 4 hours? Will he let me sleep at night? Cook dinner? Do laundry? Last night didn't see us get more than a 2 1/2 hr stretch of sleep and that was after a day where he napped for a grand total of less than 1 hr. Also, today he got his 2 month vaccinations. Let's just say I need a bigger coffee maker....

2. Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Cradle 'n Swing

"Second Husband"

My amazing SIL let us borrow their swing a little over a week ago and it has basically transformed life for our little family! Thanks to this blessed machine I have been able to do things (actual things!) while the baby is awake! It has even been known to keep Leo happy long enough for Ben and me to eat dinner together. That's right - TOGETHER!

3. Floor Gym

Leo's cuteness would shame this baby into hiding

'Tis the season for garage sales and my wonderful MIL found a barely-used play gym for Leo and he has been loving it! And what kiddo loves, I love! The little sun at the top of the gym lights up and Leo breaks into a huge smile and coos whenever it does. The gym has also helped us see his development more clearly over the past few weeks. When we first got it he didn't respond that much but each week he seems more and more interested and plays with the toys. Yesterday he discovered the mirror and that was beyond adorable. 

4. McCormick Grill Mates Marinades
McCormick : More trustworthy than the average person!

I recently discovered McCormick Grill Mates marinades. I don't know how I missed them before but the important thing is that now they're in my life. So last time I went grocery shopping I picked up the "Brown Sugar Bourbon" and "Carolina Country" marinades. Absolutely delicious! All I needed to do was add oil, apple cider vinegar, and water and let the chicken (you can use poultry, meat, or seafood) marinade for 15 minutes and then bake. Technically they are meant for grilling/broiling but I used both for baked chicken and both meals were fantastic. 

5. Exercise Plans for the Underachiever

Nothing like lesbian vampires to inspire the fitness freak in you!

Everybody knows that after having a baby it takes work to get back into shape. Well, I didn't. I mean, I did until after I gave birth. In the first two weeks after kiddo's arrival I lost weight so quickly that I was back into my pre-baby clothes and still losing. I actually had to call my doctor and get ideas for how to eat enough calories and not lose any more weight! While I genuinely experienced a certain level of panic in those two weeks there was also a part of me that was pretty psyched by my dilemma. I got a little arrogant about it and basically indulged more than I did during the pregnancy. Pride goes before a fall, as they say. As it turns out the first two weeks were just a bit of a fluke - I'm nothing special and the calories caught up to me the same way they catch up to pretty much everyone. Being the absolute and utter wuss that I am, the whole diet and exercise thing hasn't been going so hot. I would die if somebody tried to make me do half of the workouts they have those people do in The Biggest Loser. I need something a little bit smaller, a little bit more lowkey. Well I found it! It's the "Starter's Exercise Plan". It doesn't get much wussier than this, folks, and thank God! It is basically the only exercise plan I could tackle right now and stay faithful to (so far, so good). I have made it up to Day 15 and am still going strong (or less-weak-ish). Here is the link to the actual workouts, which do eventually become more intense. 

Now, time for more coffee!!!


  1. I love these, Hannah and I love when you blog!!

  2. Wonderful exercise plan. I really love that.

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