Sunday, May 12, 2013

WIWS (Mother's Day Edition)

Happy Mother's Day everybody! Another attempt at blogging post-pregnancy and linking up with the fine ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple!

Today was the first time in my life that I was able to celebrate being a mother and that is an amazing blessing. Other blessings of the day include Ben watching Leo so that I could sleep in (!!!!!), a very healthy lunch courtesy of 7-11 (coffee + sausage biscuit + donut) after mass, and a successful adventure in cooking for dinner (Honey Curried Chicken with Couscous).

We ended up going to mass at a different parish today due to confirmations taking place at the cathedral. Leo was not having a great morning and adding a 1 1/2 hr mass to the mix did not seem like a great idea. The parish is very old, however, and does not have a cry room so when kiddo became upset things became rather interesting. Nothing quite like trying to breastfeed a very fussy baby in a dark corner perched on a rickety wood chair with ushers buzzing around. Also, great acoustics. Awesome.

Note to self: NEVER attend mass at a parish that does not have a cry room!!!!!!

Leo did his best to affirm me in his own way. Today that meant screaming. Lots and lots of screaming and not a lot of napping. For the life of us we don't know what was going on with the poor little guy but he seemed just miserable all day. And no, the freak outs began before my 7-11 binge and did not get any worse afterwards. My incredible husband just got him to sleep and I'm super hopeful that it is for the night, but based on the day I am thinkin' that we are headed for an interesting night. Anyways!

Our little family after mass - Leo was busy people watching

Yes, that's all spit up
Details -->

Shirt : Thrift Store
Jeans : Gap
Shoes : Not pictured, but Old Navy
Earrings : Thrift Store
Baby : God 

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and really, I could not have said it better --

To every woman who longs to be a mother, to every woman who carries some if not all of her children only in her heart, to every woman who has chosen life and adoption for her child or children, to every woman busy self-sacrificially tending to the needs of her children here on earth, to every woman who spiritually mothers those God has entrusted to her care... I hold each of you in my heart and celebrate and honor you today.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

~ Happy Mother's Day! ~

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