Sunday, May 26, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Anniversary Edition)

Today is an incredibly blessed day for me. Not only do we get to celebrate Trinity Sunday but it is Ben and my first wedding anniversary! On top of that Leo turns 3 months old today! I cannot imagine life without the two most important men in my life and just don't have the skill to express how happy I am and how good God has been to me. Luckily, this post is about fashion and not my feelings and suchlike so I will go ahead and leave it there and go ahead with linking up with the fantastic folks at Fine Linen and Purple

Just had to include this one

Please note the squirrel statue by my feet
Leo looked exceptionally dapper today in plaid button-up shirt, blue khakis, and blue shoes. I am afraid I don't know where any of them came from but he really ought to have his own WIWS post today. He behaved wonderfully at mass (despite continuing his habit of pooping upon arrival) and garnered the attention of several adorable children in the pew behind us. Hopefully Ben and I will be able to fill up a pew one day as well =)

The Outfit

Shoes : American Eagle
Skirt : Thrift store
Shirt : Target
Shrug : Charlotte Russe

~ Happy Trinity Sunday ~


  1. I love the print on your top. Very pretty!
    Your little guy is a cutie!

  2. Ok seriously, Leo is just about the cutest thing EVER! I'm sure you all will have a pew filled in no time ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary! What an awesome way to celebrate!

  4. Happy Anniversary! You look beautiful and Leo is such a cutie!

  5. I love that floral shirt, and Happy (belated) Anniversary! That smiley picture is too precious!! I also wanted to tell you thanks for the Pic Monkey tip! It's opened a whole new world for me. :)