Friday, July 26, 2013

7 QTs / Day 5

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This website should not exist. Why? Because when people like me get extra time on their hands they do stupid, obscene things like doctor up precious photos of their children.

Occasionally a group of moms get together in Front Royal for discount Margaritas and appetizers at a restaurant. In an effort to make new friends and "get out there" I went. Of course when I discovered that margaritas aren't 99% fruit I decided on a decaf coffee and strawberry cheesecake shooter (yes. always. yes!). Leo decided that it was a good night to go to bed too early and then wake up and keep Ben company.... oops...?

Here is our kitchen :

Kitchen / Dining Combo

I like to call this "Pharaoh Ant Paradise"

My FAVORITE new toy!
We are currently using a card table for meals. It definitely works but it is no mystery why people usually prefer to eat off of solid wood.

The living room :

Yes, that is a diaper pail in our entryway
The living room defies my cleaning and organizational efforts, I'm afraid. Until we get some proper shelving and storage in Leo's room the toys we use have a home on the living room floor. Sorry that I did not tidy up more for your viewing pleasure.

I'm going to have start posting recipes again soon because I've continued trying new things and have had some really fun successes! I must confess that I miss having a gas stove terribly. It took me almost 10 minutes to get a sauce to simmer the other day. What is that?!

I mentioned the other day that I'm in need of infant activities. I still am so please feel free to share your wisdom in the comments section, but I did discover the fun of water play with Leo. Just filling up the sink a bit and letting him kick his chubby feet in the water or "standing" in it is enough to keep him delighted for about 15 minutes. That may not sound like a lot to you but 15 minutes of a happy Leo to me is 15 minutes of BLISS!

I am a superstitious person. Well, not entirely. Just one thing : Journaling. I stopped keeping a journal a few years ago because every time I wrote about something it seemed to go wrong (especially relationships but other things too). So when I started dating Ben I couldn't bring myself to put pen to paper. I knew it was absurd then and I know it is absurd now but there it is. I have been given journals - beautiful journals! And I have been sorely tempted to write in them, especially the one I was given for Leo's pregnancy. But I just couldn't. There was this inane feeling floating about inside that What if I start writing and something happens with the pregnancy?. And now that he is safely born and thriving I still won't do it. Maybe one day, if I grow up and/or stop being ridiculous, I will grab a pen and begin again. Until then, at least I have my blog!

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~  Happy Friday ~


  1. On the journalling, I understand that. Not with the journalling, but with other things on a similar vein.

    Abandonment to the Divine Will, this is what I remind myself in those times I am prevented from doing what I love to do.

  2. Your home is beautiful! I really like the rug. And yes, Paul gets two baths a day sometimes because it makes him so happy.

    1. Thank you! My in-laws are responsible for the rug and I agree - its awesome!

  3. I love your kitchen, and that stone fireplace! That shooter sounds delish. And, I never understood why everyone loved gas stove-tops so much until I started cooking with electric.

    1. Yeah we are trying to find the best way to use the space in the house. Until then the fireplace is blocked somewhat by the tv/entertainment unit =P

  4. I could reeeeeeeeeally go for a margarita right now...

    And I had an electric stove for 2 years in our old townhouse - you get used to it and it's not *too* bad, depending on the type you have. But I was SO happy when we moved into our new house with a gas stove :)

    1. I'm not sure I've ever had a really good margarita. I'm intrigued.