Monday, July 22, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday?

There's no other way to say it - I'm in over my head. In case you need me I'm going to be in bed with a giant white flag draped over me. OK, no, not really, but there sure have been plenty of times lately where that's how I feel. Why? Glad you asked!

Leo is teething. And just in case you don't believe me (like his pediatrician) go ahead and open his mouth and touch his two bottom teeth. They must have cut through overnight because one day he was all gums and then BAM! He's gnawing on my hand with two pearly whites! It makes a lot of sense out of the intense fussy period he's been going through and helps me feel like maybe it hasn't all been in my head after all. Here's hoping we get a reprieve sometime soon?
Leo won't use real teethers. This is a spatula.
Leo has gastric reflux. It's acid reflux but reworded for no reason! OK, maybe there's a reason for the rewording but it's lost on me. We suspected that he might have it for a long time but it was never confirmed until the other night when we were at the ER. Why were we at the ER? Because he had blood in his spit up. Yeah, it was awesome. 

My computers are dying. Yes, I have two (a desktop and a laptop). Soon I will probably have ZERO. Remember how I was trying to fix my laptop? Yeah.... that did not work so much. Not only did reinstalling Windows not help, my back up discs failed so I lost everything that was on my laptop. I would have used a jump drive or external hard drive but there was that whole issue with the USB ports not working. Anyways, the laptop has been kind of working lately and I've been able to make it work. Until now. I turned it on today and it made this INSANE beeping noise, flashed the "Welcome" screen a billion times, and then went dead. I was able to get it started up later but let's just say I'm not expecting a happy ending. Now, I expect this sort of nonsense from my laptop. It's always been a pain (that's what happens when you get 'em cheap!). But when I went to turn on my desktop the other day it started revving up until it sounded like a plane getting to ready to take off and then CRASH! It could be the fan. Or the CPU. Or the motherboard. Or I have no idea what I'm talking about and Google searches aren't enough to make me into a tech.

It looks like our dishwasher is fixed. Yes, it was broken. Or kind of broken. It ran but it managed to make our dishes DIRTIER than before. Not great. Turns out the hot water valve was off. Now that it is back on we seem to be in business. Our guest bathroom's shower now gets HOT water (instead of just lukewarm) so that's great. Still no luck with our main shower. Plumber was at a loss because the whole shower thing is something he's never seen before (perfect). More evidence that when it comes to home repair/design you KEEP IT SIMPLE! Don't pretend to be Bob Vila and Martha Stewart rolled into one. 

On a more positive note Orkin is coming out tomorrow to spray for our Pharaoh Ant infestation! Seriously I am stoked. We have had barely any other bug issues since they sprayed earlier this month and since I am the biggest scaredy-cat of all time, that is a huge answer to prayers! 

OK, I promise to not be so negative in future posts and to actually include pictures. Photo-free blog posts are the worst, aren't they?! 


  1. My hubby does IT techy stuff for a living, he could probably take a look at your laptop for you if you want to bring it to mass one day or send it to campus with your husband. He gets a kick out of taking things apart. Just shoot me a FB message, if so!

  2. My firstborn had pretty severe reflux and threw up pretty much every meal until he was six. I was clueless as a first time mom... I guess I just thought every kid was supposed to do that. Anyway, he's 15 now and we've discovered that he has a pretty strong sensitivity to gluten. He's not allergic and not a celiac, but it seems to cause all kinds of craziness with him. He read Wheat Belly recently and thought it would be "fun" to do a week's elimination diet as an experiment. That was months ago. He dropped 16 pounds in 3 weeks and all bad tummy symptoms were gone. Sorry to give you a long story here... sometimes it helps to hear other people's stories. I never suspected dietary issues and yet here we are! Wish I would have known then. Hope baby Leo grows out of his soon!