Sunday, August 11, 2013

WIWS : Teething Edition

Well the weekend is finally coming to a close and that means What I Wore Sunday! Make sure you head over and check out the fabulous Kendra and Emily!

The past several days have been interesting to say the least. There have been some major highlights (e.g. visit from my mom!) and some major... lowlights? I am referring to Leo and his teething crisis. Little man has been in a lot of pain lately and it's affected his sleep/nap schedule and life in general. Normally we go to the 10:30 AM mass on Sundays because it tends to fit the best with his wake up time and naps. But Leo has been waking up earlier this week so that meant that naptime came early and we weren't about to mess that up by getting him dressed up and into the carseat. I was fairly disappointed because the priest who says mass at 10:30 AM is an awesome preacher and I'll be honest, going to a later mass just throws off my Sunday groove. That and oh yeah, the 12:30 PM mass is Latin Low Mass, which I can't follow because I nospeakadalatin! My consolation was that Leo would get a good nap in and be in a great mood for mass. WRONG!!! Apparently the Tylenol just didn't help enough because my sweet little boy woke up sad/angry, impossible to please, and clingy! But Leo is indeed a sweet little boy and while he wasn't angelic during mass he did not scream and his fussing was totally manageable, albeit out-of-pew-worthy.

My poor 'lil teether

Details --
Skirt : Macy's
Shoes : Target (seriously, I need a new pair)
Shirt : Forever21
Scarf : Forever21

~ Happy Sunday ~


  1. I was bummed not to catch you guys after mass! But I understand the teething thing - Annie's sleep habit have gone to the 4 winds this week, as well. *yawn* You look super-cute despite his antics!!! Love the scarf addition, too. :)

    1. Thank you! I wish I had seen you because we would have definitely lingered!

  2. Teething is the worst...hope your little guy feels better soon!

    You look great..I love the is a great addition.

  3. I love the purple top with the scarf together. And the baby is cute, too :)

  4. That purple is a really good color on you! Love the scarf, too.

  5. Poor Leo. Teething is so rough on the little ones. I love the color of your top and the fab scarf. You look lovely even with a fussy baby.