Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quicks

--- 1 ---

I found this image of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus today on Facebook and I have to say it is now one of my all-time favorite depictions of them! Maybe it's because I hold Leo like that all of the time but the pose seems so natural and beautiful. In a perfect world Mary would look a whole lot less Caucasian but I'll take it!

--- 2 ---


We have mice. I don't know if I mentioned this in a previous blog or not but in the event that I didn't, now you know! I am actually quite proud of how well I have handled the situation. Then again, I have only had to see evidence of mice and dangling tails in mice traps (you totally wanted to know that). Aaaaanyways, our next door neighbors have a few cats to help them with their mice problem and said that that could be a good solution for us too. Seeing as how we live next to a GIANT cornfield that will be harvested sooner or later and leave a sizable population of mice homeless, Ben and I decided to take our neighbors' advice. We found free kittens on Craigslist (so sketchy yet so helpful) and picked ours up the other night. Her name is Nimue (a la King Arthur etc) but we just call her Nim for short. She is crazy and ridiculous and was skittish beyond belief the first night we brought her home but she's warmed to the three of us now and is a lot of fun. The interaction between Leo and her is comical.

--- 3 ---
Some people have to worry about bunnies and deer eating their plants - we have to worry about bears (forget the plants!). I was aware that bears lived in this part of the country and that they could be an issue on trails, buuuuuut the other day Ben tells me that some friends of ours (who live in town) had a bear go through their front yard. Still, since I hadn't seen any around here I was feeling pretty good. Then I talked with our neighbors. Apparently we do get bears. Like, a few mornings ago in our neighbors' front lawn. So yeah. Country life, man! 

--- 4 ---

We had a guy from Home Depot out today. Why? Because somehow during the whole home-buying process we missed the fact that the office did not have a door! And a few of our other doors don't quite close (oops) so there's that too. Special.

--- 5 ---

 I don't own a treadmill. The photo above just helps to capture what the fitness and exercise situation has been (for me) since the move. The thing that bugs me the most is the return on investment. If I'm going to devote six weeks to getting in shape then it better take AT LEAST six weeks before I'm back to square one! Reality, take note! 

--- 6 ---

Leo fake crying until we take him outside

 --- 7 ---

Leo in the exersaucer. Love that smile! :)

~ Happy Friday ~

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